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LRG is an American clothing brand that produces a wide range of products specifically focused on urban streetwear. Their products and accessories are immensely popular among skateboarders and hip-hoppers. Since its inception in 1999, LRG made its first million in 2000 and was no. 5 on Entrepreneur magazine's Hot 500 list of fastest-growing companies. LRG is one of today's brands that stand out due to their innovative spirit and the influence they have on the music scene, skateboarding community and artists. Buy your LRG apparel and accessories right here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery.

LRG Skate Clothing & Apparel Store UK

LRG, or Lifted Research Group, is a brand that focuses on urban street and skate style fashion with influences from hip-hop and underground music and art scene. It is a clothing company that does not want to follow what's 'in', but rather creates its own trend and offers it to the masses without going beyond the means of everyday fashion-conscious individuals.

The late Jonas Bevacqua and Robert Wright co-founded LRG in 1999 in Santa Ana, California. They marketed eclectic apparel to mostly individuals who love unconventional hip-hop and skateboarding getups. From marching band jackets to ostrich skin hats, there's always an element of surprise and uniqueness in LRG's clothing lines.

In 2006, LRG ranked 5th in Entrepreneur magazine's Hot 500 list of fastest-growing companies were it had an estimated $150 million annual sales.

The LRG skate team as of late includes Chico Brenes, Rodrigo TX, Jack Curtin, Tommy Sandoval, Tom Asta, Trent McClung, Carlos Ribeiro and Miles Silvas.

A Progressive Brand

For years, many peeps from the mainstream music industry and sports have grown to love LRG clothing and fashion accessories. The company has mentioned celebrities like Reggie Bush, Kobe Bryant, Tom Arnold and John Legend (among others) to have worn some of their apparel. Major retail stores in the USA, such as Macy's, also carry LRG products, but online sellers and stockists like us have emerged over the years to fulfill the demands of customers from around the world as well.

The company have also branched out to include electronic devices and music where they started releasing compilation CDs with artists like Raekwon and Kanye West.

Supporting Underground Creatives

Aside from being one of the pioneers of hip-hop fashion, LRG is passionate about the creative communities and talents and often provide support for them in any way they can.

They support the underground music scene; often showcasing and announcing events on their blog for long-time customers and visitors to discover amazing but 'unheard of' bands and recording artists.

They do the same for artists. In fact, on their blog you will see a category dedicated to Artist Driven, which is a collective of various creative individuals from photographers to graffiti artists and such.

Beating the Conventional with Outlandish Swagger

Much like their founders, the brand is focused on discovering what is unheard of or unconventional when it comes to their designs and style. They are pushing the envelope for the skate and urban street styles by setting their own trend in apparel and other products they introduce to the market. Think of vibrant colours, prints and designs uncommon in the street and skate wear trends that are mainstream.

LRG's cult following is a testament to their unwavering style and approach to design. After more than a decade of producing cool and unique clothing, accessories and shoes (since 2012), it's safe to say that it's alright to wear lavender, purple, military themed and even crystal-covered jeans without being shut down by the fashion police.

More than just an apparel, shoes and accessories brand, LRG is also a creative company with strong ties in the communities they support. Their slogan "underground inventive, overground effective" signifies these ties and their effort to create products that are cost-effective in order for anyone to enjoy what the skate and urban styles have to offer.

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