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Lowlife belts, buckles, t-shirts and accessories epitomise cool, punk rock and alternative lifestyles. For more than a decade, Lowlife has established itself as a global brand that transcends across ages and styles - from punks, rock n' rollers, to skaters and snowboarders, as well as any casual individual who wants a statement belt to accentuate his waistline. The products are eclectic and add flair to any casual attire, no matter the genre and style. Enhance your everyday getup with Lowlife belts, tees and accessories. Shop for Lowlife here at Yakwax and rock out with our FREE delivery service throughout the UK.

Lowlife Belts & Buckles Online UK Store

Belts have been part of both casual and formal wear since its invention. But in the past decade or so, no one had the guts to go a bit edgy and artsy in designing belts that will give the wearer a bit more push in the style aspect. Not until Lowlife of London came into the picture in 2001.

Lowlife of London, or simply Lowlife, created countless belts that defy the typical style and design approach to such fashion item. With influences coming from folks from all walks of life to punk rock and skateboarders, to tattooists and even the casual guy next door who appreciates cool style, there's always an appealing belt that will suit anyone of any age.

Conquering an Untapped Market

Lowlife set out to invade an untapped market in the early 2000's. With virtually no major competition, the brand established itself offline for several years - selling through shops, stockists and trade shows.

The brand's fan base and influencers are often creative and free-thinkers, as well as artsy and edgy individuals. The fan base grew from just within London to all over the world, to wherever alternative lifestyle and punk rock fashion are prevalent.

Board riders and BMX bikers also love Lowlife belts. The creative expressions of these riders are eminent in their fashion statements, so throwing in an equally creative or edgy belt is a great addition to their regular getup.

Designs That Push Boundaries

Lowlife is known for their studded belts and colourful designs. They also have buckles that capture attention or at least a second look. The brand is known for pushing boundaries when it comes to their designs and they have thousands of them since its founding. They've mentioned on their website that they are brining online their earlier designs, so potential customers can have a look at most of their belts.

For the casual wearer, there's always an opportunity to find a cool and edgy belt and buckle by Lowlife. They have a great range of colours, designs and materials that, in our opinion, will fit anyone's wardrobe.

Hint: You can make a dull monochrome getup look cooler with a colourful belt as it cuts the single hue and adds a little "wow" factor. It's up to you to try!

Statement Belts and Buckles That Make You Stand Out

As we 'hinted' above, Lowlife belts add colour and wow factor even to the dullest attire. Even an angsty teenager who wears black every day can look a little different if they rock a studded belt which can be exposed under their tee.

We've seen this before particularly with skaters who typically wear tees, jeans and sneakers every time. Tucking the shirt in and wearing a chill belt makes a difference in overall style and appearance.

Lowlife belts are super popular among music-lovers and bands, so it's only fitting that they have collaborated with Motorhead and Iron Maiden. These belts are made for rockin' and slayin' the usual jeans-tees-sneakers for years; and it never gets old, especially for punk rock fans and alternative lifestyle practitioners.

If you want to spice up your casual style, get a Lowlife belt and buckle. They also have t-shirts and other fashion accessories just in case you need an extra amount of edge or cool. Shop for the entire Lowlife collection right here at Yakwax and score our sick FREE UK delivery service as standard.