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Lost by Matt "Mayhem" Biolos is one of the world's leading surfboard brands. The company is known for its innovative designs, superb customer service and seamless supply chain. Lost offer an impressive range of surfboards which they segregate by categories; but generally, they cater to average surfers up to the most hardcore pros. Choose from their Pro-Formance, shortboards, step downs, hybrids and step ups to match your riding style and skill level. The best part, we have a rad selection of Lost surfboards right here at Yakwax! Order today to enjoy our killer FREE UK delivery service!

Lost Surfboards UK Store

Lost is one of the world's renowned brands that both amateurs and pros seek out. They are known for their cutting edge designs and customised boards for some of today's pro surfers and enthusiasts. Founded by legendary head shaper, Matt 'Mayhem' Biolos, Lost is often considered as the result of his years of exposure to working with the most talented shapers back in the day.

As a company, they are deeply rooted in the surfing and skating lifestyle of the Southern California area. They are an authentic surf brand that reaches over 35 nations all over the globe and with professional team riders providing feedback and testing the latest boards to ensure that they meet the most discriminating requirements of their primary clients.

The vast range of surfboards they offer is one sure way to provide something for all skill levels and surfing styles. The brand is dedicated to provide excellent equipment for average surfers up to the most experienced pros. Choose from several categories starting with Pro-Formance (Driver, Sub Driver, Pocket Rocket, Whiplash by Taj Burrow and V2 HP); Shortboards (V3 Rocket, V3 Stealth, Baby Buggy, Voodoo Child, Quiver Killer, Beach Buggy, Sub Scorcher, V2 Shortboard, Mini Driver, V3 Round It and Scorcher); Step Down (Short Round, Sub Buggy, V2 Grinder, Rocket, V2 Rocket, V2 Sub and F1); Hybrid (Puddle Jumper, Puddle Fish, Round Nose Fish, Lazy Toy, Bean Bag, RV, E-Z Up, Weekend Warrior, Bottom Feeder, Couch Potato and Blunt); and Step Up (Tube Pg, Round Up, Rock Up and Double Up).

Speaking of professional shredders, Lost have an awesome roster of riders which include Kolohe Andino, Carissa Moore, the Ho family, Taj Burrow, Tyler Wright, Teddy Navarro, Shaw and Kei Kobayashi, Jeremy Carter, Ryan Briggs, and many more.

Awesome Surfboards by a Legendary Shaper

The USA is lucky to have the largest surfboard facility in the country (and) with a legendary shaper running the production. With over thirty years in the industry, Matt Biolos was once a sander at Herbie Fletcher's surf store. He went there to work in 1987 after graduating from high school.

Matt's very first board was called Ratz Ass. His second was labelled 'Mayhem', possibly derived from his high school band 'Mayhem Ordinance'. In his first year as a shaper, Matt produced 20 boards. He was also able to work with renowned shapers in California with the likes of Timmy Patterson, Terry Senate, Jim Fuller and Randy Sleigh.

Since customers were still scarce at the time, he continued sanding boards and panting designs on them with handwritten 'Lost'. Surfers Matt Archbold and Christian Fletcher got painting jobs from Biolos during those times. With plenty of encouraging feedbacks from surfers and shapers, he progressed and became one of the legends in the shaping industry.

Customised Surfboards by Lost

Pro surfers love Lost for their custom shaping particularly for competing. However, any surfer, no matter the skill level, can obtain customised boards based on their design preferences. After choosing the type of board for yourself, you can easily customise the artwork, logo and logo placement - making it unique, as if it was made especially for you by the company.

We like that Lost offer this option to customers since no two surfers are alike especially when it comes to the type of board and the artwork that suit the rider's personality and style. You won't run out of design ideas for your board since the company provides a huge selection of classic and spray type artwork, and logos to suit your personal taste.

When it's time to update your surfboard, make sure to check our collection of Lost boards, whether online or at our physical store. Enjoy our wicked FEE UK delivery service when you order right here at!