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Longboard Bags

Longboard Bags

If you always travel to experience new waves, locations and cultures and you enjoy the smooth flow of long boarding, it is essential that you invest in a good longboard bag. Storing and carrying a longboard requires proper covering to ensure protection from nicks, dings and scratches. You may get a sock or lightweight covering for storing your surf gear at home and for short-distance travels; but if flying to new lands, then you should definitely think about getting a bag with a little more padding. Shop for your next longboard and surfboard bags, socks or covers here at Yakwax. Wecarry many top surf brands in our shop. All with FREE UK delivery!

Longboard Surfboard Bags, Covers & Socks

For a longboard that's eight to twelve feet long, its sheer length seems daunting to most people. Many beginner surfers get intimidated and awkward especially when taking them to the nearest surf spot. But if you love causing feeling on a longboard, you will also need an appropriate board bag to transport your gear.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to longboard covers. Typically for travelling, you will need one with protective outer cover and reinforced interior for maximum protection against damage. Padded types often have 10mm interior padding and these are great for long distance and air travel.

You may prefer a lighter cover which tends to have a thinner reinforced interior lining, these are ideal if you're mostly travelling by car and within shorter distances. Carrying your board from the parking area to the beach is a lot easier with one of these bags as they also come with shoulder straps and optional wheels. If you simply want something to cover the board with so you don't get wax everywhere on a hot summers day, then you may prefer a longboard sock.

If you are serious about surfing even on a semi regular basis make sure you have a good bag to help you carry and transport your gear. Check our collection from some of the world's top surf accessory brands. All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!