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Krux skate trucks are known for their signature hole in the hanger and 8.25 trucks that are both innovative and lightweight. Many skaters have mentioned in reviews and forums that these trucks have the best cushions and smoothest grind. Owned and distributed by NHS, the brand and its crew are all about fun and enjoyment which are very much represented on their product designs and graphics. They also have other skate products such as griptape, kingpin, t-shirts and logo decals. Get your Krux trucks and other skate products right here at Yakwax together with our killer FREE UK delivery service!

Krux Skateboard Trucks - UK Shop

Founded in 1989, Krux skate trucks are making waves with the graphically pleasing and fun products they are known for. With focus on skateboard trucks, the brand is particularly known for their signature hole in the hanger and their 8.25 trucks. They are among the many skate brands being distributed by California-based NHS Inc.

The brand's products are primarily focused on the needs of skaters. Aside from their famous trucks, they have diversified their offerings to include graphically colourful griptape (from pizza to kitten graphics, to hotdogs, rainbow colours and pink lightning bolts), hardware (hollow downlow kingpin), accessories (logo/graphics decals), and t-shirts featuring the Krux logo.

Amateur and Pro Riders Love Krux Trucks

Krux trucks are lightweight and innovatively designed to help skaters perform their best. Often praised for having the best cushions and smoothest grind, these trucks also provide an 'already broken in' feel, so skaters won't have the trouble of breaking-in and adjusting the way they shred. Another reason why Krux trucks are sought after is because they are suitable for all levels of skateboarders. Whether newbies or pros, these trucks are great to skate with and they become better as skaters progress.

It's not surprising to see that the brand's team riders are increasing in numbers. From amateurs to pro riders, Krux have always attracted skateboarders because of the fine qualities and features of their trucks. Their team riders include Aaron Goure, Abe 'Orange Man' Dubin, Albert Nyberg, Alex Massotti, Angel Ortega, Ben Hess, Brodie Penrod, Cairo Foster, Caswell Berry, Chaz Ortiz, Chris 'Mango' Milic, Christian Maalouf, Danny Fuenzalida, David Loy, Enzo Cautela, Garrett Ginner, Israel Forbes, Jimmy Carlin, Jon Nguyen, June Saito, Jonathan Pierce, Jeff Dechesare, Justin Strubing, Kellen James, Kechaud Johnson, Kevin Braun, Kelvin Hoefler, Logan Frank, Louie Barletta, Mike Paek, Nick Merlino, Nestor Judkins, Nora Vasconcellos, Randy Ploesser, Ron Whaley, Ryan Lay, Ryan Gallant, Ryan Reyes, Silas Baxeter-Neal, Tommy Sandoval, Travis Harrison, Tyler Franz, and Zachary 'Ducky' Kovacs.

You might have seen some, if not all, of these riders on some of the brand's videos. Their most notable videos include Feelin' It (2007), Blown Out! (2004) and April Fools Tour (2002).

Collaborations with Other Famous Brands

Like most skate brands, Krux have collaborated with other renowned brands, artists and individuals in the industry. More notably are the collabs with the following:

  • Mob Grip - The Mob Grip x Krux Trucks collab produced some of the most visually appealing griptape with graphics featuring jellybeans, kittens, rainbows, stars and many others.
  • Adidas - The Krux Hollow 4.0 Silas Adidas Tall Skateboard Trucks is a team-up of the two brands which produced a special truck for Silas Baxter-Neal. The 5.25" truck is a hollow tall 4.0 skate truck that fits 7.75"-8.25" decks.
  • Creature - The Krux x Creature 8.25"" collab produced the forged skateboard trucks which are ideal for 8.1" to 8.4" (wide) decks.
  • Santa Cruz - The Krux x Santa Cruz "Screaming" and "Screaming Hand II" collaborations featured the 4.0" tall and 8.0" wide trucks but with two different designs. The "Screaming" truck is a signature Santa Cruz blue with a single screaming hand; while the "Screaming Hand II" truck has the same signature blue colour but with multiple screaming hands.

What we love about Krux is their informal and playful approach to their designs. They are always colourful and fun, just like the individuals behind the brand.

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