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Kr3w is one of our most popular lifestyle brands that specialise in street and skate wear. The company is known primarily for their incredible denim and for being the originator of the skater's slim fit jeans. Krew offers a full selection of apparel starting with denim, tops & T-Shirts, headwear, bags and accessories. The brand appeals to a wide array of subcultures and there's no surprise if you see celebrities, musicians and athletes also loving their denim and clothing collection. Buy your Kr3w denim and other products here at Yakwax and get Free UK Delivery when you shop online today!

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Kr3w's skateboard roots are at the core of their product designs and approach. The company is known for revolutionising denim jeans through the design and introduction of skinny and slim fits, plus the excellent materials they use.

The company was founded by Angel Cabada in 2002 in Southern California. The inspiration was the streets of L.A. and the brand has embodied the skate culture which focuses mainly on creativity, originality and independence. Quite the barrier-breaker in terms of design and innovative approach to skate jeans and clothing, Kr3w has intrigued a lot of entities - from bigger brands to celebrities, to pro skaters, artists and the style-loving teenager next door.

Krew truly transcends as their products have secured a spot in the skate and street wear industries without straying away from their roots. Their collections are often influenced by art, music and skateboarding, and they are mainly geared toward casual guys who love to wear effortlessly cool apparel.

The brand sponsors a diverse group of individuals including BB Bastidas, AJ Zavala, Oscar Candon, Jack Kirk, Chet Childress, Eric Dressen, Erik Ellington, Spencer Hamilton, Chris Gregson, Windsor James, Boo Johnson, Lizard King, Taylor Kirby, Tom Knox, Tom Penny, Ryan Reyes, and Richard "French" Sayer.

One Distribution and the Perfect Kr3w

The skate brands Kr3w and Supra were both owned and managed by One Distribution, a company co-owned by Angel Cadaba, Scott Bailey and Scott VanDerripe.

Many folks in the skate and street wear industries have attributed the early success of Kr3w to the people behind it. All three guys have previously worked in the skate apparel industry, with each of them having over a decade of experience.

Cadaba, aside from being the co-founder and creative director is also the brand's marketing genius. Prior to Kr3w, he co-founded another skate clothing brand called TSA Apparel. Bailey specialises in finance, while VanDerripe has years of manufacturing experience.

Even in the prevalence of bigger skate brands, Kr3w was able to break into the market and was named in 2006 one of the hottest brands in the national industry surveys in the US. This was made possible by the people behind the brand and the sponsored pro skaters who created the buzz by wearing Kr3w's signature denim jeans, cool tops and accessories.

Now Part of K-Swiss

In 2015, K-Swiss acquired One Distribution which owns and manages Kr3w and Supra. The president and CEO of K-Swiss Global Brands (KSGB) mentioned that the two skate and street wear brands meet the distinctions they are looking to add in their portfolio.

KSGB owns other fashion brands, but there is no presence of action sports brands in their roster. Having seen the success of Kr3w and Supra in the skate and street wear markets, KSGB's head honchos became intrigued. Talks of expansion prior to One Distribution's acquisition includes purchasing other brands in order for KSGB to become a $3 billion conglomerate in the next few years.

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