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Kids Wetsuit Tops + Jackets

When your kids love to swim and play in the water it's best to keep them warm and protected from the sun and other irritants. But some kids hate the restrictive feel of full or shorty wetsuits. This is why kids' wetsuit tops and jackets are better options. You can pair them with swim shorts if your kids are not into surfing or any water sport. With sun protection and insulation, you'll never go wrong with kids' wetsuit tops and jackets. Shop them here at Yakwax and enjoy our amazing FREE UK delivery!

Surfing and Water Sports Wetsuit Tops & Jackets For Kids

Many kids love the beach for leisure and fun, but somehow not all of them want to wear snug wetsuits. It's hard to see kids not enjoying their playtime or swimming lessons just because they hate their attire.

Mums and dads would do everything to appease their youngsters, but it's difficult to compromise safety as well. A better alternative is kids' wetsuit tops and jackets which can be paired with neoprene shorts or boardshorts. If your kid is not into surfing or any other water sport, you can pair neoprene or poly pro top with swim shorts. These tops are better than the full or shorty versions that come as a single piece and could be quite restricting for your child.

Somehow, a two-piece surf and swim wear are more acceptable for some children. With a zippered front opening, a wetsuit jacket is more pleasant for some kids since they can remove it easily after a fun time in the water.

If this is your child's first time to swim or surf in the ocean, it's best to try wetsuit tops or jackets for kids paired with neoprene shorts. Starting with more acceptable attire is better than anything else especially when the ocean waters are chilly even on a summer day.

Provide UV protection, warmth and comfort to your little ones with kids' wetsuit jacket and top. Get them here at Yakwax! We carry numerous popular brands in surf and swim wear. All with FREE UK delivery.