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Kids Full Length Wetsuits

Kids' Full Suits

You cannot stop your children from enjoying water sports especially in the summer months. It is essential to keep them warm in the water no matter the season, so better get your little boy or girl full kids' wetsuit. A snug fit is necessary for full wetsuits in order to keep the youngsters warm in the water for hours. Shop for children's full wetsuits here at Yakwax. We carry top surf and swim wear brands AlderandXcel. All with FREE UK delivery!

Full Length Wetsuits For Kids

Children innately love the water and they are drawn to catching the small foamy waves on their feet at the beach. Even the little ones love to play with other children or their pets as they run along the sandy beach barefoot and touching the often-chilly water that rush ashore.

While small children can be reprimanded and kept away from the huge rushing waves, pre-teens or adolescent kids often love the challenge of chasing them using a variety of boards. While the summer months are easier and less threatening especially if your child is learning a type of water sport, making him/her wear kids' full wetsuit is a definite must. It protects his/her body from the cold water, the sun's UV rays and possible skin irritations and abrasions during training sessions.

Full wetsuits for children come in various thicknesses, so you can invest in several types that your child can wear in various seasons. Thinner ones (usually 1mm and 2mm) are great for summer, and they possess the protective qualities that parents look for such as UV protection and insulation. For the winter, there are 3/2mm, 4/3mm, 5/3mm and 5/4mm full wetsuits that allow kids to enjoy their activities in the chilly ocean waters for a bit longer.

Get your kid a full wetsuit for his/her favourite water sport. We carry some of the world's leading surf and swim wear brands such as Alder and Xcel. Enjoy our killer FREE UK delivery when you shop at Yakwax!