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Karma skateboards are among the most durable and high-quality boards you will find today. Designed and printed in the UK, their skate decks are made from 100% USA rock-hard maple wood. Run by a team of passionate skaters, Karma is more than just a name; it is the mantra that the company lives by. And indeed, 'what goes around, comes around' especially in providing top-notch skateboards. Shop for Karma skateboards right here at Yakwax and enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery!

Karma Skateboard Decks and Wheels - UK Store

UK-based skateboard brand Karma was founded in 2002 by a passionate band of skateboarders. They are typical guys who love to skate and enjoy the lifestyle and creativity that go with the sport. Their top-quality boards are designed and printed in the UK, and they use 100% US maple wood grown in overseen forests of Great Lakes, Wisconsin.

One of the most noticeable features of Karma skateboards is their cool graphic designs. They are among the most artistic and well-thought of designs on boards. The brand has also collaborated with various artists and other brands to come up with excellent graphics about nature and cool and interesting designs that are quite unique.

Karma skateboards are distributed globally by iFive Distribution. They also do custom-printing of their available graphics on any size board you prefer. You can do this on their website and once your order is complete, the board will be printed according to your preference.

It's Not Just a Name, It's a Value to Live By

Karma is not just a brand, but certainly one of life's values they live by each day. As the saying goes "what goes around, comes around" - indeed, when you put out high-quality boards for skaters to enjoy, you will reap the benefits in the form of good business.

The Karma team riders are as much dedicated as the company in pursuing their dreams and favourite sport. The team includes Lloyd Mcleggon, Tom Shimmin, Channon Wallace, Ross Zajac, Liam Courtney, James OG Hewett (Team Manager); (Flow) Pete Case, Danny Coston, Ben Goodenough, Charlie Gush, George Jones, Rob McKinney; (Rippers) Finnian Martin, Brinlay McNicholas, Callum Waterton and Kieran Waterton.

Collaborative Boards

Skate for the Planet deck series (2016) - The first of two collaborative deck series which highlights ongoing environmental issues. £2.50 from every deck sold would go to a chosen charity/organisation. Each deck comes with a sheet of limited-edition Karma stickers and stickers of charities/orgs. Decks were designed by Rigour Studio.

  • Stop the Killing - of whales; over 2000 are killed every year; proceeds will go to the Sea Shepherd
  • Save Our Seas - from tons of plastic; by 2050 there will more plastic than fish in our oceans; proceeds will go to Surfers Against Sewage
  • Give Bees a Chance - since 2010, the UK has lost 45% of commercial honey bees; proceeds will go to Give Bees a Chance

Skate for the Planet 2 deck series (2017) - The second of its series, Karma worked with artist Molly Vincent to create three designs to represent some of the world's most endangered species - Skate for the Lions, Skate for the Wolves, and Skate for the Tigers. Proceeds from each deck will go to a charity for each endangered animal.

"Chaos" - A collection of ten limited-edition decks celebrating the launch of the "Monsoon Chaos" print collection by Parisian brand Côte&Ciel. The designs are digital manipulations to combine a contrast of 1950's soft hues and black/grey/dark colourway with rich red and onyx green highlight.

Karma skateboards have always been interesting in terms of design and quality, which perfectly complements the brand's vision as a company and as skateboarders themselves. They have put forward plenty of decks for skaters to enjoy for over a decade and certainly for more years to come.

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