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Independent is an iconic skate truck brand known in the industry for excellent products and iconic status. For over 30 years, Independent trucks have been used by both amateurs and legendary skateboarders, thanks to their unrivalled hardiness and steering attributes. The brand's logo, the Alisee cross, is probably one of the most-tattooed skate logos out there. Since 2012, Independent Trucks have consistently released signature models. For avid skaters looking to upgrade their skateboard trucks and wardrobe, Independent offers an array of products to suit all of your skating needs. Shop for Indy Trucks and Apparel at Yakwax and enjoy our Killer FREE UK delivery service!

Independent Trucks & Clothing Online UK Store

When looking for skateboard trucks, there's only one brand that often stands out. Independent Truck Company is a brand that resonates in the skating community since they're known for manufacturing quality skate trucks and hardware that even other leading brands cannot match.The company is currently owned by NHS, Inc. and the trucks are manufactured by San Francisco-based sporting goods foundry, Ermico Enterprises, Inc.

Also known as 'Indy', the company was established in Santa Cruz, California in 1978. They are popular for their lightweight and hardcore trucks that are finished with transparent and glossy coats. They also make other skate hardware such as bearings, bushings and replacement pivot cups as well as a wide variety of clothing apparel and accessories.

For an avid skater, the need for hardware and set of tools are essential in keeping skateboards in good shape and functioning all the time. There's no need to look for these items for Independent as they offer packaged kits complete with drivers, wrenches, nuts and bolts, and more. Skate apparel and accessories are also available, so you won't be shopping from another brand.

Since 2012, four of Independent's extensive team of riders have constantly released signature model trucks. These are Eric Koston, Andrew Reynolds, Geoff Rowly and Chris Haslam. A guest signature model was released by Christian Hosoi was an added bonus for die hard fans of the brand.

With a huge roster of skaters including the legendary Tony Hawk, Greg Lutzka, Lizzie Armanto, Lance Mountain, David Gonzalez, Bob Burnquist, Aaron "Jaws" Homoki, Justin "Figgy" Figueora and Riley Hawk, you can never go wrong in your choice of skate trucks and other hardgoods from Indy.

Responding to the Need of Quality Skateboard Trucks

Like many iconic brands in the skateboarding industry, Independent was born due to the lack of quality skate trucks on the market. Though there were a couple of leading brands available, skaters would often end up replacing their trucks due to malfunction and easily broken product.

Independent Truck Company was co-founded by Richard Novak, Fausto Vitello, Jay Shiurman and Eric Swenson. The Stage 1 model was the company's inaugural product and was released in May 23, 1978 in Newark, California.

The Iconic Logo

The iconic logo of Independent Truck Company has its own loyal following.Who would have thought of tattooing a skate brand's logo? But in this day and age anything is possible especially for an iconic brand that's known for excellence and a great team of pro riders.

The inspiration came from the image of Pope John Paul II who had worn an Alisee cross over his vestment in an edition of TIME magazine. The Alisee cross is actually a variant of the Cross pattée and not the often mistaken Iron Cross, and it has remained the company's logo since its foundation in the late 70's.

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