Hubba is a skateboard wheel brand that's been around for over a decade. They are known for their cool and colourful skate wheels, but they also produce bearings, hardware, griptape and soft goods. But what really makes this brand stand out is their use of alluring models in their product ads which are geared toward adult buyers. If you're planning to replace your skate wheels, buy your next set of Hubba wheels and accessories right here at Yakwax, together with our superb FREE UK delivery service!

Hubba Skateboard Wheels - UK Store

Hubba Wheels is one of those skate brands that stand out because of their product focus and marketing tactics. Founded in 2000, the brand has sponsored numerous skateboarders over the years and have promoted their skate wheels with a full cast of riders.

Hubba is focused heavily on skate wheels especially in the earlier years. They have over 30 wheel models that showcase bright and colourful designs, and amusingly clever graphics. Currently, they also have a line of soft wheels that are designed and produced for cruisers.

We are not sure if the new distribution company has something to do with the brand's additional products such as coloured skateboard hardware, bearings, t-shirts, calendars and specialty griptape. However, these products appeared in few of their ads which are posted on their website.

As for their primary product, Hubba Wheels use their in-house urethane formula, quality materials and precision shaping in producing them. Their skate wheels are suited for various terrains - may they be dry or wet surfaces. If you want long-lasting skate wheels with excellent slide and speed, these are among the top options out there in the market.

As of this writing, Hubba Wheels team riders include Dave Bachinsky, Russ Milligan, Ramiro "Furby" Salcedo, Braydon Szafranski and Brandon Westgate.

Marketing with Provocative Ads

There are a number of discussion boards that mention the marketing strategy of Hubba Wheels. Some of the comments we've read do not agree with the "sexy ads", while some agree and even give kudos to the brand for being different in their approach.

There was a time when Hubba utilised their team riders in producing ads for their skate wheels. Although, upon checking online, we could only find very few of those ads on their website since majority of their ads feature sexy, half-nude models.

In the crowded skate market, any brand - big or small - would want a piece of the market share. When a brand is only focused on one major product, their marketing tactic must be impeccable enough to ensure they can capture the target customers. Just be cautious when browsing their ads especially when there are children around (Parental Guidance reminder) or if you're at work (NSFW reminder).

Nevertheless, Hubba is doing something captivating, although controversial especially in the eyes of conservative folks. Just try to focus on their skate wheels and other products in order for you to have first-hand experience of what many fans are saying about them.


Like many other skate brands, Hubba is no stranger to collaborations with other bigger brands and companies.

Known collaborations include:

  • Emerica - The brand collaborated with Emerica to produce the limited edition Stay Gold pro wheels for Braydon Szafranski and Brandon Westgate. The collaboration was a celebratory product in conjunction with Emerica's release of the Stay Gold video.
  • Shake Junt - The limited edition collaborative 51mm skate wheels had the bright green and yellow colourway that Shake Junt is known for, and were made of high-quality swirl urethane. 

If it's time to replace your skate wheels, bearings and/or hardware, Hubba is the brand you should try. You can get them here at Yakwax together with our killer FREE UK delivery service!


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