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Hotel Blue

Hotel Blue is a new skate brand to watch out for. They produce cool skate decks, apparel and caps that represent a sleek style that appeals to NYC skaters and street style fans. Design-wise, you can expect a combination of quirky boards and more refined and minimalist approach on their apparel collection. Whether you dwell in NYC, a famous metropolitan area, and elsewhere, you will appreciate Hotel Blue’s urbane appeal. Get yours right here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

Hotel Blue Skateboard Decks & Clothing – UK Shop

As a young skate brand, Hotel Blue’s founder Nick von Wessowetz is no stranger to skateboarding culture. He is best known for making videos and clips featuring the streets of New York, some of the city’s dwellers and strangers, and skateboarders that shred the city streets.

Known as LurkNYC, Nick has brought his audiences as sort of ‘behind the scenes’ footages of the city and its shredders. Hotel Blue didn’t come to life ‘til 2016 and before that there was the LurkNYC apparel when Nick decided to make t-shirts in 2014.

Hotel Blue is quite different from LurkNYC in many ways since it is, first of all, a skate brand with focus on decks and apparel. Inspired by the city’s skaters, Nick was more motivated and inspired by the shredders, so he came up with a brand that also serves as his creative outlet, but definitely different from his former brand.

Hotel Blue’s team riders include Adam Becerra, Dylan Fulford, Giovanni Vacca, Will Blakely and Mark Poole. You will find them shredding on the Big Apple’s city streets on the brand’s videos and clips.

Currently, the company has distributions in Japan, UK, Australia, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Canada and Germany. They also have shops/stores in various parts of the USA, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, the UK, Germany, Spain, Australia and France.

A Mix of Cool, Fun and Classic Style

You don’t have to be an avid skater to appreciate Hotel Blue’s roster of products because they’re all fun, cool and stylish. Their skateboard decks have more colourful graphics that catch the eye compared to their apparel and soft goods designs. Men’s tops such as t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, jackets and hoodies have minimalist designs and appeal to both classic and contemporary style lovers. Same goes with their hats and caps collection, so it’s quite easy to mix and match their collection into one stylish getup.

If you’re looking to update your current skate gear and getup, Hotel Blue is a cool new brand to try. Choose from their cool tees, jackets, caps, decks and hoodies right here at Yakwax. All with FREE UK delivery!