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GoPro is the world's leading brand of action cameras most athletes and thrill-seekers love. These very small cameras are specifically designed to capture various activities and events. Initially designed for surfers to capture the thrill of riding waves as well as taking photos and videos of their mates shredding, GoPro cameras became staples for all types of sports, adventures and life's exciting moments. Don't let the size fool you for they are durable and packed with features that allow users to capture high-definition images and videos, and take them to various events and environments. Shop for your new GoPro camera and accessories right here at Yakwax and enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery service.

GoPro Cameras & Accessories Online UK Store

Action cameras by GoPro have become the go-to stand-alone personal cameras of the 21st century. These cameras have given life to the coolest and most thrilling sports and adventures since their introduction in 2004.

The GoPro Hero is the primary product line of the company and they have released a few models over the years, with Hero Session being the smallest and handiest model of them all. A complete system would include accessories that fit your type of sport or activity, as well as the locations and environments you prefer.

The company also provide apps such as the GoPro App (for controlling the camera remotely, viewing photos/videos, and sharing your favorites); Splice (movie maker and video editor); Quik (free video editor and quick movie edits); GP Training App; GP Retail Service; and GoPro VR.

For extreme sports such as surfing, snowboarding, skiing and skateboarding, the use of a helmet with GoPro camera mount or a hand-held mount is quite common especially for non-competitive situations. Stunning images of the board rider's POV and close-ups have breathed new life and meaning to taking photos and videos of themselves and their environments.

Team GoPro has an awesome list of winter athletes namely Lindsey Vonn, Eric Willet, Julia Mancuso, Torstein Horgmo, Bobby Brown, Nate Holland, Hannah Teter, Sage Kotsenburg, Kaya Turski, Grete Eliassen, Ted Ligety, Elena Hight, Iouri Podladtchikov, Tom Wallisch, Xavier De Le Rue, Jamie Anderson, Shaun White and Ayumu Hirano. These athletes have the best POVs, close-ups and angles you never thought possible using a GoPro camera while doing extreme winter sports.

Motivated by Surfing Trip and Low-Quality Photos

The motivation behind the creation of GoPro cameras was actually a first-hand experience by the founder, Nick Woodman.

In 2002, Nick was hoping to capture great action photos while on a surfing trip to Indonesia and Australia. But it was impossible to do since amateur photographers could not get close enough while he's surfing and proper equipment is too expensive. His aspiration for a camera system that's capable of capturing professional angles inspired the name of his company and products.

Nick received over $230,000 from his parents as investment for his company. Beforehand, he initially raised a fraction of his capital by selling shell and bead belts, and fashionable camera straps out of his VW van.

Hero Cameras

The very first GoPro camera was introduced in September 2004 at the Action Sports Retailer trade show in San Diego. It was a 35mm Hero and the company sold $150,000 worth of products.

The fist Digital Hero was introduced in 2006 and it has a 10-second video capability. GoPro generated $800,000 in revenue; while in 2007 their sales reached up to $3.4 million.

In 2014, the GoPro Hero3+ was being sold in various colour editions. This camera was capable of filming 16:9 aspect ratio, supporting 12 megapixel still photos and 4K Ultra HD video. In September of the same year, Hero4 was introduced.

Is the GoPro Camera for You?

It wouldn't be fair to say that any of the GoPro cameras were just designed and built for extreme sports athletes. The proof can be seen on the company website and social media accounts where amateurs, sporty types, and everyday people submit their captivating images for the whole world to enjoy.

Nope, you will NOT just see athletes' and sporty people's POVs and current environments. You will certainly find people from various places and backgrounds utilising the capabilities of this small, but powerful action camera.

GoPro is highly preferred by both amateurs and athletes because of their cameras' durability and can withstand any environment. The quality of the photos and videos are excellent despite being just a tad smaller than the palm of your hand. The company also offers camera bundles particularly for various sports and activities.

If you've been thinking of getting a special camera for your trips and adventures, GoPro Hero is definitely a wise choice. This camera is not just for thrill-seekers and extreme sports practitioners, but for anyone who loves taking photos and videos of life's greatest adventures.

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