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Gold skateboard wheels are ranked among the best in the world. But the Gold brand is not just about wheels, but other skateboard-based products such as tees, socks, shades, bolts, bearings and small accessories. Created by the duo that is also responsible for the Kayo Corp. distribution, Eli Soto and pro skater Stevie Williams. The brand is based primarily off of the North-East city street culture. Here at Yakwax, we have the coveted Gold skateboard wheels, apparel and accessories to suit your lifestyle! All orders within the UK include our killer FREE UK delivery service when you shop today.

Gold Skateboard Wheels - UK Store

Founded in 1999 by pro skater Stevie Williams and marketing executive Eli Soto, Gold Wheels appeal to a spectrum of skaters - from newbies to amateurs, to professionals and underground riders, to the most prominent and biggest names in hip hop.

When talking about Gold Wheels, it is often synonymous with DGK since the latter is considered to be built upon the skateboard wheels brand. Both are part of the Kayo Corp. which houses and distributes other renowned skate brands namely Expedition and Organika.

The founders joined forces with Troy Morgan in forming Kayo Corp. around 2003 in order to distribute the skate brands they owned. The promotional video in 2004 was to introduce the distribution company, but it was in 2006 when they released "It's Official" promo video to introduce the four brands they carry.

Other videos they have released specifically for Gold Wheels are Gold Goons, Got Gold and various short clips of the brand's team riders (then and now) including Josh Kalis, Ryan Gallant, J.B. Gillet, Marcus McBride, Spencer Fujimoto, Rodrigo TX, Matt Miller, Brandon Biebel, Forrest Kirby, Lee Smith, Lenny Rivas, Jack Curtin, and some of their buddies. You can find these videos easily on their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

The brand's design aesthetics, advertisements and team riders represent and pay homage to the "hood" lifestyle. Their signature and standard wheels, t-shirts, socks, and other skate essentials are designed with original artwork that is witty, easily recognisable and cartoon-driven.

Get to Know the Wheels of Gold

There are two categories when searching for Gold Wheels - standard and White. Each offers features that meet skating requirements in terms of performance, speed, quality of ride and price point.

Standard skateboard wheels are available in three models: Players Club, Goons Team and Darlings.

  • The Players Club is the oldest model because it's been in production since 1999.
  • At the same price point is the Darlings which usually have fresh signature themes and designs.
  • The Goons Team is ideal for skaters on a budget, available in three sizes.

White Gold is the brand's hardest urethane wheel formula that's rider tested and approved. This model's 102A durometer enables wheels to shred faster and longer with flawless 'flatspot' resistance. White Gold wheels have wider profile and strong grip with smoother slide. This model is available in four sizes - 51mm, 52mm, 53mm and 54mm.

If you were to search for online reviews regarding these wheels and majority of them are positive. Note that not all reviewers are professionals, but have the skills to shred the parks and neighbourhood sidewalks using Gold wheels on their boards. Many of the reviews mention superb speed, smooth ride, excellent quality, and topnotch look and feel of the wheels.

Collaborations with Other Brands

The most notable collaborative projects of Gold are with Diamond Supply and DGK.

With Diamond Supply, they've came up with a collaboration t-shirt designed with eye-catching large tooth holding a gold bar with slogans and a diamond. The tee is 100% cotton and all-over grey colourway with custom logo to represent the two brands.

With DGK there are several collaborative projects involving limited edition pro model wheels and decks.

If you want to upgrade your skate wheels and style, Gold wheels, soft goods and skate accessories should be on your radar right now! No need to look further because you can buy them here at Yakwax together with our superb FREE UK delivery service.