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Glassy Sunhaters

If you love skateboarding under the warm sun, better protect your eyes with Glassy Sunhaters. These shades are made for all sorts of sunny day activitieswhether you are skater or not. The frames are made of high-quality acrylic plastic and either UV 400 protection or polarised lenses, but at a great, affordable price point. Glassy sunglasses are cool collectibles especially for trend setters who love different styles and colours of shades each day. Whether you are skater, a skateboarding fan, or a typical fashion conscious individual, Glassy Sunhaters are for you.Get them here at Yakwax with our FREE UK delivery!

Glassy Sunhaters Sunglasses - Online UK Skate Store

One of today's young and promising companies owned and operated by skateboarders is Glassy Sunhaters. We say this because they are not only targeting the skateboarding community with their super cool and affordable sunnies, but a wide demographic within the fifty states in the US and across the globe.

Imagine getting more than two pairs of Glassy sunnies without splurging beyond £100. That's a great deal of savings on your part. But this does not mean their product is low-quality. In fact, Sunhaters are known for their high-quality plastic acrylic frames (which the company tests for durability every year) and UV 400 protection lenses, so customers can look cool and stylish while benefitting from all these features at the same time.

The brand's extensive list of skaters are among the greatest in the world including Paul Rodriguez, Mike Mo Capaldi, Mike Carroll, Brandon Biebel, Aaron 'Jaws' Homoki, Carlos Ribeiro, Stefan Janoski, Guy Mariano, Marc Johnson, Ryan Reyes, Shane O'Neill, Daewon Song, among many others.

Of Humble Beginnings, Sold Outs and Pet Names

Brothers Vince and Mike Capaldi are the brains behind Glassy Sunhaters. They founded the company in 2012 starting with a small budget to run the business and a website. Starting with a hundred pairs of sunnies, the business took off at a fast rate - selling out their products more quickly than expected.

Vince takes care of the design and works on a computer to conceptualise their ideas and come up with styles for their product line. Mike or Mike Mo is a professional skateboarder who takes care of the warehousing and packaging of the sunnies in their respective boxes.

One interesting and funny trivia about Glassy is they name all of their sunglasses after their pet animals. For instance, one of their sunglasses styles is called Deric. Deric is the name of one of their dogs who is named after Deric the filmer.

The Glassy Product Line

The brand's popular Signature Sunhaters are polarised sunnies designed by pros and are available in exclusive colourways. Their standard polarised sunnies feature anti-glare lenses with increased depth perception and offers visual comfort. Choose from the variety of styles available such as the Chuck, Deric, Robyn, Shredder, Royal, Lox, Fritz, Lincoln, Leonard, Ridley and Morrison.

The Gamer spectacles are the latest additions to their growing product line. These eyeglasses offer enhanced vision and enable the wearer to play longer since the protective lenses lessen eye strain.

If you want other stuff aside from sunnies, Glassy offers umbrella hats, sunglass straps and bags, sticker packs, key chains, posters, griptape, stockings, socks, tees and plush pillows.


Glassy teamed up with various brands over the years to come up with some of the most exciting skateboard-based products.

  • Japanese artist Haroshi - Known as an artist who predominantly feature recycled skateboards, Haroshi worked with Glassy to produce a pair of signature sunnies.
  • DC Shoes - The Mike Mo S Shoes by DC got a Glassy treatment by featuring a grey upper bearing a unique water print design on side panels along the heels up to the eyelets.
  • Fourstar Clothing - The Highspeed Print sunnies produced by this collaboration mainly appeals to the wearer's unique, but cool demeanour. These sunglasses have tinted lenses and metal hinges.
  • Creature Skateboards - The signature black and green hues of Creature have been added to the Leonard series of sunnies to create a fun pair of eyewear.
  • Real Skateboards - This collaborative skateboard deck is styled with a sunflower wearing sunnies. It is made of 7-ply 100% Canadian maple wood, with blue and yellow tones.

Protect your eyesight and enjoy daytime skating, going to the beach, or hanging out with your friends with Glassy Sunhaters. Get a pair or two right here at Yakwax and enjoy our cool FREE UK delivery service!