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Girl Skateboards

Girl Skateboards

Girl Skateboards have been around for over two decades producing decks, skate hardware, apparel and accessories. It is part of a company called Crailtap Distribution which also includes Lakai, Royal, Chocolate, Fourstar, and Ruby. The company is known for their premium quality skateboard decks designed by various artists such as Andy Mueller, Scott Biersack and Spike Jonze (during the early days). They are game-changers in terms of evolving designs, video productions, and their team of elite skaters. Shop for your next Girl skateboard deck and other goods right here at Yakwax, all with FREE UK delivery.

Girl Skateboards & Clothing - Online UK Store

Girl Skateboards are known for their logo (symbol of women's restrooms) and for being one of the most popular brands in the skate industry. Their staying power is notable within the skateboarding community since they have been around for over twenty years.

The company primarily produce skateboard decks with the sickest designs that evolve every year, thanks to artists Andy Mueller, Scott Biersack, Geoff McFetridge, Kevin Lyons and Hershel Balltrotsky, among others. Girl also design and produce apparel like T-Shirts and Hoodies, skate hardware, accessories, and iconic documentary films featuring their elite team of pro skaters.

Girl is part of a California-based distribution company called Crailtap that also houses other popular skate brands such as Chocolate Skateboards, Ruby Republic, Fourstar Clothing and Royal Skateboard Trucks. Girl was the inaugural brand founded in August 1993 in Torrance, California and spearheaded by Mike Carroll and Rick Howard with Spike Jonze and Megan Baltimore as founding members.

Girl has a short list of pro skaters who grace their lookbooks and documentary films, these are Brandon Biebel, Mike Mo Capaldi, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Cory Kennedy, Sean Malto, Rick McCrank and Jeron Wilson.

Having a Fallback and Staying Relevant

In one interview, Carroll and Howard mentioned that they were thinking of what they need to do after years of skating and that starting Girl would provide a future for pro skateboarders. Just like their fellow skaters Guy Mariano and Rudy Johnson, founders of Royal Skateboard Trucks, they saw the potential fallback on starting a company that revolves around their favourite sport.

While the guys still want to enjoy and skate for a long time, the possibilities of injuries and putting their careers on hold are the daunting realities they need to face. But founding a brand as an extension and expression of their ideas enables them to be relevant even after they retire.

Girl Video Productions

There have been countless videos taken since the early days of skateboarding. Both pro and amateur skaters were the subjects and the city streets and skate parks were the backdrops.

Girl Films was the brand's name for their video productions which have been shot and directed by Ty Evans until early 2013. After his departure, Italian videographer Federico Vitetta and Spike Jonze became more involved in the production of Girl's skate documentaries.

Perhaps the most notable of their videos is Pretty Sweet which was released in 2012 and in collaboration with Chocolate Skateboards. The film was shot in various countries including Costa Rica, China, Spain, Berlin, Nicaragua and Panama. The film won at the 15th Transworld SKATEboarding awards in Hollywood, as well as the Best Video award for DGK's Parental Advisory and Transworld's The Cinematographer Project. Pretty Sweet reached #1 in the Sports and Documentary categories on iTunes and an overall #2 spot.

Other watch-worthy videos by Girl Films are Goldfish (1994), Yeah Right! (2003), and Beauty and the Beast (2008; collaboration with Anti-Hero Skateboards).

It's easy to see why Girl Skateboards have imprinted so much among the skate community. They have sickest decks that the kids and pros anticipate, plus the other products that complete a skater's getup.

If you love iconic brands that produce high quality products, you will definitely love Girl. Shop for their latest goods right here at Yakwax! Everything comes with our killer FREE UK delivery service.