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Keep your ears protected from the cold waters and other elements with G-Plugs surf and swim ear plugs. It should come natural to surfers and swimmers to wear proper earplugs to prevent surfers'/swimmers' ear, while enjoying more time swimming and shredding the waves. G-Plugs are designed to fit properly, prevent over insertion, with minimal hearing loss, and skin-toned for a more natural look. Get your G-Plugs earplugs here at Yakwax and enjoy our amazing FREE UK delivery!

G-Plugs Surf and Swim Ear Plugs - Online UK Store

Proper ear protection is necessary if you frequent the open seas to swim and surf. Hours of surfing, swimming and other water sports require long hours in the water, so it's only imperative to use the best earplugs to prevent ear health issues in the long run.

G-Plugs is a UK-based brand founded by an avid water sport practitioner Glyn Ovens. He's a participant in water sports for more than two decades particularly in big wave tow-in surfing. Ovens is among the top five paddle board surfers in Europe and he's part of a water rescue operative and trainer with knowledge of using personal watercraft.

Why Choose G-Plugs for Your Surfing Sessions

Avoiding the onset of swimmer's/surfer's ear has always been crucial especially for doctors and water sports enthusiasts who've experienced and seen the effects of this medical condition. Not ending up with painful ears and on hospital table are more than enough reasons to use G-Plugs whenever you're out there shredding the waves or just swimming.

There are many designs of earplugs in the market, but if you're needing a pair for maximum hearing and quality, G-Plugs surf and swim acoustic earplugs are among the top choices. The brand is known for competitive price and quality that even some of the most expensive brands cannot beat. They've also been tried and tested on harsh surf conditions all over the globe, including the enormous tropical waves of Hawaii and the freezing waves of Portugal and Ireland.

Other features you'll love about G-Plugs include:

  • Fit all adult surfers
  • Designed to avert over-insertion
  • Fit and remove easily
  • Made of soft, elastic and non-porous material
  • Comfortably fit and help prevent surfer's ear
  • Skin-toned for natural look
  • Designed to maximise acoustics and minimise hearing loss
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to clean and re-use

Protecting your ears is an absolute must if your love spending time in the water, no matter what type of water sport you love. As they say, prevention is better than cure, so it's easier to avoid the onset of painful ear infections and diseases with G-Plugs.

Get yours today at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!