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Fourstar allows skaters to rock sick and stylish attire that is designed from the ground up to handle everyday skate sessions. Back in the day it wasn't quite easy to purchase skate-focused clothing in the past because there's no such thing as skating wear apparel; or if ever they existed, many of them were expensive. With high-end brands producing what seem to be the perfect shirts, jackets and tops, it wasn't practical for a typical teenage skater to invest in them. Thanks to pro skaters Eric Koston and Guy Mariano, we now have more affordable, skateboarder-focused clothing under the Fourstar brand. Shop for it here at Yakwax, all with FREE UK delivery.

Fourstar Skateboard Clothing & Accessories

Fourstar Clothing is the brainchild of two pro skaters who were looking for more affordable, skateboarder-focused attire. During the heydays of high-end U.S. brands, many young skaters would muster the courage and cash to purchase such expensive clothing for their lifestyle. Thankfully, Fourstar was born to cater to the typical skater who needs proper attire without burning a huge hole in his/her wallet.

Fourstar have a team of talented skaters such as Ishod Wair, Tony Trujillo, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Tyler Bledsoe, Andrew Brophy, Sean Malto, Lucas Puig, Frank Gerwer, Max Schaaf and Mark Gonzales.

The company is under Crailtap - a skateboarding distribution company in Torrance, California. It also houses other skate-focused brands such as Girl, Chocolate, Royal and Ruby Republic.

Designing Products with Skateboarders in Mind

Fourstar is a one-stop shop for skate clothing and accessories. With clean looks, signature basics and strong graphics, they offer products that appeal to both young and tenured skaters.

Their staples include graphic t-shirts, polos, tank tops, jackets, sweatshirts, bottoms, headwear, bags, socks, and other accessories. They have also created signature lines from team members such as Rick Howard, Shane O'Neill, Mike Carroll, Brian Anderson, Sean Malto and others.

Awesome Skate Clothes Don't Have to be Expensive

Skating apparel wasn't always affordable and finding them was also a challenge especially during the 90's. For budding pro skaters without sponsors, it was a challenge particularly on their budgets since clothing is just a part of their overall skating expenses. These skateboard necessities include gear, shoes, protective items, and miscellaneous products that serious skaters invest in every year and whenever necessary.

The cost of high-end branded clothing during the mid 1990's weren't practical for the typical teen skater. And of course, their parents would have pulled them up if the youngsters insist on buying such brands for the sake of proper skate style. Store-bought alternatives are available even today, but there's always a distinct quality or characteristic when buying clothes especially designed and crafted for board riders.

All of these scenarios have prompted pro skaters Eric Koston and Guy Mariano, the founders of Fourstar clothing company, to create their own brand that's focused on fellow skaters. This was in 1996.

Koston and Mariano have always known the high price tags of branded shirts because they used to buy them using their own money. But after getting tired of wearing high-end logos and brands, and burning their wallets for years, they thought of creating their own clothing company without the high price tags.

Cool and Fun Videos

Fourstar have already made several videos since 2005. It all started after the guys decided to turn a supposed catalog shoot into a fun skateboarding session around different parts of the US, Australia, Europe, Hawaii and Japan. In the videos, you will see some of the team members and their friends just doing what they love on the streets, at skate parks and just about everywhere.

Perhaps the most notable videos they have done are Super Champion Funzone (2005), Catalog Shoot (2005), A Tribe Called Mapquest (2008), Gang of Fourstar (2009), and 4 Live Crew (2012).

For skaters who are style concious and like to wear nice garms, Fourstar Clothing is among the ideal choice for finding cool skate wear without busting your wallet. Shop for Fourstar here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery.