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Flippers & Snorkeling Fins


Flippers are essential snorkeling gear that enable swimmers to improve their swimming position, techniques, ankle flexibility and give them the confidence to swim super quickly underwater. They are also great additions for anyone who loves swimming, surfing and other similar activities. Swim at your best and shop our selection of flippers featuring quality water sports brands like Alder and Hydro. Shop today at Yakwax for swimming and surfing accessories and score ourFREE UK delivery.

Flippers & Swim Fins

Swim fins or flippers were initially conceptualised by the late artist Leornardo Da Vinci and mathematician Giovanni Alfonzo Borelli. Afterwards, while at the Charles River, Benjamin Franklin at his very young age, accidentally brought this idea into reality when he discovered that the two pieces of wood could actually allow him to move faster in the water than swimming in the usual way without.

The patenting happened in 1933 by a Frenchman navy officer Louis de Corlieu until it had been acknowledged as a swimming necessity that many divers, snorkelers and ordinary swimmers enjoy today.

Choosing the right flippers and fins involves two main factors: (1) length of the fin blade and (2) fin heel style. Studying these characteristics thoroughly can help you decide which one works best for your legs' strength and kicking technique. Ultimately, you'd want all of your swim/surf accessories to work well when you're out there in the open seas.

If you are serious in getting a pair that would last for years, it's ideal togo forquality flippers and swim fins from renowned brands Alder, Hydro and many others. Enjoy FREE shipping anywhere in the UK when you shop at Yakwax!