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Flip Skateboards

Flip is a California-based skate brand which was originally founded in the United Kingdom. Owned and operated by professional skateboarders, the company offers an exciting roster of innovative decks, wheels and various skate accessories, as well as clothing and other soft goods. Flip Skateboards is also known for producing epic, influential skate videos in the early 2000’s such as the “Sorry” series which featured numerous pro skaters.

Flip Skateboard Decks, Hardware, Accessories and Clothing 

In 1991, UK-based skaters Jeremy Cox, Ian Deacon and Geoff Rowley founded their own skate brand, Flip Skateboards - which was then known as “Deathbox Skateboards”. The founders, together with their pro team riders Rune Gilfberg, Tomy Penny and Andy Scott, moved to California in July of 1994. With the help of pro skater Ed Templeton’s brand Toy Machine, Flip gained popularity and success in the USA and around the world. 

Flip skateboards and all of their products were initially distributed across the globe via NHS Inc. – the distribution company also responsible for distributing other renowned skate brands such as Ricta Wheels, Mob Grip, Independent Trucks and Santa Cruz Skateboards. Since 2017, the distribution of Flip skate products is being handled by HLC. 

Although still considered a purely British company because its founders are from Great Britain, Flip wouldn’t have gained the same level of success if it wasn’t based in the United States. All of the support they needed from fellow skaters and the distribution company, as well as the reasonable costs involved, are just some of the reasons why the founders chose to stay in the States. 

P2 Technology 

Flip offers two types of skate decks – regular and P2. 

Regular skate decks are your typical 7-ply maple wood construction, which is an industry standard. 

P2 decks are constructed with oval-shaped reinforcement panel called “Kevlar ply” that results to thinner, lighter and more resilient skate decks. The Kevlar ply aids in enhancing the performance and pop of the other six maple veneers by spreading the load and stress throughout the deck, instead of just concentrating close to the trucks’ surrounding areas. 

20 Years of Flip

The influence of Flip Skateboards is undeniably among the most notable in the industry. The brand has influenced skaters since the time they become more accessible to every rider across the world. 

One of the reasons why they resonate internationally among skaters is because of their skate videos such as “Sorry, Really Sorry” and “Extremely Sorry” which both attained cult status. The brand’s P2 technology also made them more popular and interesting among skaters and fans. 

And of course, there’s the Flip team of riders which include (Pro) Alec Majerus, Arto Saari, Bob Burnquist, David Gonzalez, Denny Pham, Lucas Rabelo, Luan Oliveira, Lance Mountain, Matt Berger, Tom Penny, (Am) Art Cordova, Sanggoe Darma, and (International) Alexander Risvad. 

So, if you’re looking for a skate brand with decades of experience and expertise in the industry, Flip is among the world’s most influential and innovative names you should go for. Whether you need skateboard decks, wheels, completes and clothing, Flip has something rad for you to choose from. All with FREE UK delivery when you order here at Yakwax!