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Fast Skateboard Wheel Company

Fast Skateboard Wheel Company

Fast Skateboard Wheel Company is as straightforward as your can get. The London-based brand has been making fast, premium skate wheels since 2015 using their own 'anti-flatspot FAST Formula' with 83B urethane. Designed for skaters who love to skate hard and fast, these wheels have a hardness of up to 103A. If you love to skate like the pros, then Fast Skateboard wheels are for you. Get yours right here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

Fast Skateboard Wheel Company - UK Store

Fast Skateboard Wheel Company is a London-based brand that is fairly new in the industry. What sets them apart from many young skateboard companies is they are taking it slowly, but surely - specifically focusing on premium skate wheels that deliver their promise.

Founded in 2015 by three guys namely Dennis Jansson, Sami Seppala and Tony Gunnarsson, the brand did not have overly hyped ads and marketing campaigns. What they have were honest recommendations from skaters that have tried and tested their wheels. The brand name is as straightforward as the wheels themselves - they skate hard, fast and without flatspots.

Fast uses high-quality, premium 83B urethane on their wheels. The wheels appear to have square profile which allow them to have more momentum and faster, solid ride. The compound they use is resistant to flatspots, that's why many skaters like them. Of course, with speed you need to be more in control of your shredding, which is great if you use Fast wheels because they are grippy, but let you slide and control your board.

Many pro skaters who are friends with Fast's founders get to try and test their wheels and ride on them in many of their skateboarding videos. The brand's team riders include Barney Page, Albert Nyberg, Nisse Ingemarsson, Ulph Andersson, Julian Kimura, Ville Wester, Curtis Pearl, Sam Sitayeb and Jaakko Ojanen.

Focusing on the Urethane with Simple, Tidy and Sharp Graphics

In one of the interview articles we've read, Sami (one of the founders) mentioned that he and the rest of the Fast crew simply do not like riding on coloured wheels. So, they stick with the white, classy looking skate wheels with just minimal graphics for branding.

The outlines of a whippet (a dog descendant of the greyhound) grace the wheels on the E17 Fast wheels. The dog graphics was inspired by Tony's pet whippet which actually makes sense when looking at the features of these wheels.

They also have a range of t-shirts mostly in white and black, with the same simple design that stays true to the Fast Skateboard Wheel Company's aesthetic.

For a fairly young skate company, Fast is doing things with a lot of thought and focus on quality products. They may have put out quite a short list or range of skateboard wheels, but their promise of premium, hard and fast riding wheels are hard to beat.

If you want to ride fast without losing control of your skateboard, Fast skate wheels are worth a try. Order yours here at Yakwax with our killer FREE UK delivery!