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FarKing is a surfboard traction and accessories company that's been around for two decades. Their range of surfboard leashes, wax, deck grips and covers are made of quality materials to suit the ever-changing demands of the market. Two factors that make Far King stand out is their commitment to quality by regularly testing their products and by pricing them accordingly and affordably. If it's time to buy a new surfboard traction pad or other surf accessories, check our collection of Far King products FREE UK delivery when you shop online at Yakwax.

FarKing Surfing Accessories - UK Store

Far King is an Australia-based company that's committed to create only high-quality surfboard traction pads, surf wax and other surfing accessories such as leashes, board bags and wax combs. Like most small businesses, Far King is more focused on delivering the goods that customers love through the years.

The company sponsors world-class surfers such as Jay Thompson, Oney Anwar, Brent Dorrington and Wade Carmichael.

With more than two decades of producing surfboard waxes and continuous research and development of other surf-based products, the company takes pride in its presence in both Australian and global markets.

You can find their surf-related goods in both online and offline shops around the world. As long as there are surfers and waves to shred, there's always the possibility of finding FarKing products such as board waxes for a wide variety of temperatures, traction pads, leashes, covers and surf locks in both online and brick-and-mortar shops.

Commitment to Quality

While most surfing goods seem the same, it usually takes time to know the difference between the high quality ones and the entry level. More often, customers will only know if there's a quality issue when they are already using it. This is why research and development is essential not only to surfing products, but to all products in general.

Far King is governed by its key philosophies and it is committed in developing premium goods that are backed with tireless and long hours researching, testing and developing in order to achieve the very best possible surfing accessories.

The company also believes that staying true to simple designs does not affect the marketability of their products. The saying 'less is more' truly resonates with Far King's surf accessories since following a trend is more expensive and time consuming for both the company and consumer. This approach also allows more time for research especially when testing products in various water conditions in order to beat the usual wear and tear.

The Affordable Option

Since Far King is a small company, it cuts all of the unnecessary elements that can contribute to a higher price tag. They are very hands-on and good at controlling growth in order to maintain superb quality in their functional surfing goods.

Limited Editions and Board Essentials

FarKing offers limited edition goods. These can be any one of their waxes, traction pads, hats or board covers so if you spot any, jump on them quick.

When searching for a reputable surfing product, Far King is one of the top brands in the industry to go for. It has decades-long experience in board wax manufacturing and developing accessories to suit the needs of hardcore surfers.

Here at Yakwax we carry a wide range of FarKing surfboard traction pads and accessories to buy. Shop online today and get FREE UK delivery with every order.