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Ear protection is a serious matter especially for watersports enthusiasts. An innovative product designed with breathable and waterproof technology, these are the EQ Seals ear plugs. This ear protection product is waterproof, highly elastic and provides optimal breathability. No need to use ear plugs that hinder your hearing and balance capabilities especially when you're surfing, swimming, cycling and doing other strenuous outdoor activities. EQ ear protection is safe, beneficial and engineered for optimal use. Shop for EQ ear plugs today right here at Yakwax, combined with our killer FREE UK delivery service!

EQ Water Sports/Surfing Ear Plugs Online

EQ ear plugs are among the most innovative products for the water sports athletes today. Born out of the necessity to protect oneself from the harsh effects of frequent surfing, cold waters and climate, the founder realised that it is more than just a product, but it should also be focused on love for wellbeing, the future generations and the environment. With the motto "Love, Love, Care", it is easy to understand why the brand and its primary product came to be.

It was in 2011 when founder Franck Bywalski realised that it is time to develop an innovative concept based on everyone's wellbeing. As an avid surfer, traveller and visionary, he met other surfers and passionate people who have the same ideals. More importantly, Franck wanted to produce a solution to protect watersports participants, while preserving the environment at the same time.

Sharing the passion for all water based activities and the values of EQ are the brand's dedicated ambassadors namely Justine Dupont, Kyllian Guerin, Caroline Belliard, Margaux Arramon-Tucoo and Adrien Valéro. The innovative products of the company have been developed in collaboration with these athletes and other inspirational individuals.

Notable Features of EQ Ear Plugs

Among the issues with many commercial ear plugs are their effects on the user's hearing and balance. Other brands may also have issues with breathability, depending on the materials they use.

However, EQ ear protection products are designed to address these concerns through the following features:

  • SympaTex Technology, Innovative membrane design - This is essential in maintaining the user's hearing and balance during surfing and other watersports activities. The design ensures that water does not enter the auditory canal and allows air circulation, while protecting the ear.
  • Secure Fit for 95% of all users - The ear plug is made of flexible silicone body, ensuring a secure fit once placed behind the initial curb of the auditory canal. The cup's 8mm-diameter is designed to fit 95% of wearers from age 12 and over.
  • Comfortable to wear - EQ ear plugs are made of high-quality medical grade silicone that can withstand extreme temperatures from -10 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. It is chlorine-proof, saltwater proof, and water repellent. Silicon SLR or medical silicon provides comfort and protection around the auditory canal.

Other Product Offerings

While the ear plugs are made in Spain, EQ wellness products for home and body are made in France in cooperation with partner laboratories. These ethically produced wellness products include sun care, hair and body care, sport and wellbeing, home fragrances and collections (kits, scented candles and limited edition items).

An avid surfer would surely enjoy the range of products that EQ are offering. From ear protection to wellbeing, the brand is surely dedicated to provide only the best ethical products to those who require them the most.

If you love surfing and other water sports, it is almost essential to have EQ ear and wellness products. No need to look anywhere else because we got them all here at Yakwax! Enjoy our superb FREE UK delivery service upon your purchase.