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Electric is a globally renowned brand that specialises in premium sport and lifestyle eyewear. These products are designed in California and manufactured in Italy using premium acetate material and high-quality lenses. Electric's sunglasses and snowboard goggles are known for durability and function without leaving out on style. Electric Visual also offers sports & Fashion watches, apparel and accessories to match individual needs and active lifestyles. Shop here at Yakwax and get Free Delivery anywhere in the UK for FREE.

Electric Sunglasses, Watches and Goggles - UK Store

The New Logo For Electric SunglassesElectric eyewear is one of the most recognised sunglasses and snowboard goggle brands in the board sports industry. No matter if you surf, skate, snowboard, ski, wakeboard, BMX, ride FMX or shred Moto-X you will be sure to have seen and recognise the Electric's distinct lightning bolt logo or at least seen it around.

Electric are among the favourites out there offering an absolute monstrous range of frames made from premium acetate material and an extremely wide range of colours and very high quality lenses for all of those who not only want great protection from the sun but also look raw and stylish.

The company's line of award-winning sunglasses are designed and tested in California, while production is done in Italy. Their meticulous and well-planned process enables the company to produce top quality eyewear that matches the demanding lifestyles of their clientele and loyal fans.

Electric Goggles have become one of the industry leaders in the ski and snowboard world so no matter what you ride to rip down a mountain they will have an awesome goggle that fits your needs and desires in terms of looks and performance.

Electric California Clothing

Not only do Electric make insane goggles and sunnies they also offer a very fine range of clothing including t-shirts, hoodies and accessories such as belts and caps.

The Electric t shirts and hoodies such as sweaters usually sport their powerful lightning bolt logo in a range of colours and sizes as well as other prints that are seriously sought after due to their unique look offering that boardsport lifestyle feel. All of their clothing is made using only premium grade materials and prints, these garments are designed to last the test of time not only in terms of surviving the washing machine but also a timeless style that won't look out of place in years to come.

A Little Bit About The History of Electric Visual

Electric Visual founders Bruce Beach, Kip Arnette and CEO Eric CraneSo where did it all begin for this cutting edge brand that focuses heavily on the surf skate and snow scenes? In 2000 Electric was founded by Bruce Beach and Kip Arnette in the Californian town of San Clemente which is a well known location for surf industry start-ups and many established brands have their global and US headquarters there. The goal by Beach and Arnette was to deliver a premium action sports accessory company focussing primary on sunglasses and snow goggles. As we know this has now expanded to the likes of clothing, watches, snow helmets and other accessories such as belts, wallets, caps etc.

Things didn't happen over night but with the backing of a very strong team Electric grew rapidly and gained recognition the world over as they brought something to the table that had a raw and unique feel, this was perfectly summed up with their powerful Volt logo that is now recognised the world over across any action sports group.

In 2008 Electric Visual was purchased by Volcom, a company that shares the same beliefs and values so it was a match made in heaven. Joining forces with Volcom opened up doors to grow at a much greater rate and get further exposure using Volcom's contacts and resources. The deal they struck was in the region of $25.5 million and has been a worthwhile venture for both the brands as things have moved forward drastically over the years eventually being purchased by the Kering group in May 2011 for $24.50 a share valuing the parent company Volcom at a whopping $608 million.

One of the key players at Electric Visual is Eric Crane who joined the brand at the very beginning before leaving in 2003 to work at other giant brands such as Ocean Pacific and Nixon before returning in 2012 as CEO to work alongside Kip Arnette to drive the and steer the brand forward with a fresh and clean vision and new product line of which the latest edition has been watches.

The Electric Sunglasses Range in Detail

Let us tell you now, the Electric sunglasses range is vast! However it isn't so vast that it become confusing about knowing which sunnies you should select or being overwhelmed by the choice. The frame selection isn't too full on but what they they have done which has proved to be very popular is bring out a solid range of colour combinations in each style so you are sure to find a pair that not only suit your tastes but will not only fit your face well but more importantly look amazing on.

If you're after an aviator sunglasses style then the AV1 or AV2 might be exactly what you're after. These are premium metal framed sunnies with very high quality lenses. The most popular sunglasses in the Electric collection have to be the Knoxville and Knoxville XL. These sunglasses offer that modern look in a variety of colours that can be appreciated by everyone. The best thing to do though is head over to view the full selection as they really have designed something for everyone.

The Incredible Collection of Watches by Electric

Electric Watch CollectionOn top of their famous collection of sunglasses they have now added a line of premium watches to the brand. Again like the eye-wear range they have catered something for everyone no matter if you're a surfer that spends all his time in the water, a style concious skater or possibly someone that doesn't mind enjoying the finer things in life.

They have a few different models of digital watch perfect for the water including the extremely popular tide watch as worn by 11x world champion Kelly Slater. From here things get really interesting, you have the likes of the FW03 which offers that classic sophisticated style without over doing it, it then steps up to big boy territory, lay your eyes on the DW01 for example and you will know exactly what we're talking about. Elegance, style and a touch of indulgence thrown in for good measure.

Who rides for Electric and who are the ambassadors?

When it comes to team riders and ambassadors that represent the brand Electric are not short of a legend or two. When you hear names like Kelly Slater being thrown around you know your are onto something good and having Kelly as a brand ambassador for Electric sunglasses, watches and accessories is quite a big deal.

They also have ties to very creative individuals from a vast array of worlds such as product, art, photography and surfboard shapers including people like Chris Christenson, Sketchy Tank, Mark Choiniere, Mitch Abshere, Madison Rothery and Jason Ellis just to name a selection.

As far as their teams go they Electric is blessed to have an abundance of crazy talented riders from the surf, skate and snow worlds! Lets begin with surf and at the top of the list the 3 big characters of the Gudauskas Brothers, Dane, Pat and Tanner these guys shred to an insane level and although primarily free surfers they have been know to score wild card spots on the WCT events around the world. Dave Rastovich and Craig Anderson add to the style factor as 2 of the most influential surfers on the planet when it comes to raw style and the ability to ride anything under their feet. Ozzie Wright and Mark Healey bring that element of eccentric behaviour and balls to the wall hard charging nature.

The skate team of Electric is small but my god it is up there with the very best... Chris Cole, David Gonzalez and Tom Asta! 3 huge names and reputations right there, this apitimsies Electrics no messing straight forward attitude.

The snow team is much large, similar to the surf team with legends like Pat Moore, Iikka Backstrom and a whole host of utter shred dogs.

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