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Swimming Ear Plugs

Swimming is an enjoyable and healthy activity for everyone. But spending too much time in the water especially on a windy day may cause problems to your your hearing ability. To prevent this from happening, investing on ear plugs for swimming is the logical choice. These tiny plugs provide the protection required to keep water out while ensuring a comfortable fit. Optimise your swimming performance for longer and stay protected with swimmers' ear plugs from some of today's top brands in surf accessories. Enjoy FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!

Ear Plugs For Swimming

All swimmers are prone to ear infections if they don't have proper protection. To avoid this problem, wearing a set of ear plugs for swimming is a smart practice. The first silicone ear plugs valued by swimmers were introduced in 1962 by the a classical musician named Ray Benne. Today, ear plugs produced for various purposes including sports, music, industrial and personal use.

If you decide to use ear plugs, make sure to know the basic precautions to avoid unwanted effects due to wrong use. Here are some important things to remember before or after using silicone ear plugs for swimming:

  • Replace them every other week.

  • After use, make sure to clean them properly with alcohol and cotton.

  • Dab your ears with a dry towel after dipping.

  • If you already have an ear infection, make sure to have it checked by an Otolaryngologist to get proper recommendations.

Keep your ears healthy and swim with confidence with a pair of swimming ear plugs. To ensure you are using a safe and quality pair, make sure to shop at Yakwax where we only stock grade-A tried and tested surf accessories from some of the world's top brands.All with FREE UK delivery when you order at Yakwax!