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Dr K Soap Company

Dr K Soap Company

If you are searching for ethically sourced and produced men's grooming products, Dr. K Soap Company is one of the best options on the market today. Crafted only with the best natural ingredients, you can be sure you'll be using chemical-free soaps, shaving products, and beard care. The company only uses local natural ingredients whenever necessary and they abide by the strict EU cosmetic regulations. Shop for Dr. K Soap Company's luxurious grooming products right here at Yakwax! All orders within the UK include our fragrant FREE UK delivery service.

Dr. K Soap Company Beard Products - UK Store

The quest for excellent men's grooming products is a challenging aspect to explore. Among the numerous brands competing today, Dr K Soap Company is one of the top brands to focus on.

For men who want all-natural grooming products, Dr K offers exciting range of beard care, bath and shaving products that are all free from harmful chemicals. Just like most handmade artisan soaps, balms, shaving creams and moisturisers, it is common to find ingredients such as vegetable oils, natural colourants, therapeutic-grade essential oils and a mix of botanicals. All of Dr K's soaps use the hot process method that results in very gentle soap with superb lathering and cleansing qualities.

The brand is steadily making its way across the globe. With multiple stockists and distributors in various European countries, in the USA and Australia, you can be sure that Dr K products are just within your reach.

From Unfunded Lab Researcher to Entrepreneur

The brand was founded in 2011 by Dr Rob Karreman after the university laboratory he worked at ran out of funding for his position. After losing his job as a laboratory researcher, he turned to experimenting soaps and body care products in his kitchen.

As a biochemist and scientist, he was always fascinated by soap-making and its process truly appealed to him. Over time, Dr Karreman was able to establish his own laboratory facility and started a small 'cottage' business making batches of beard care products and soaps specifically for men.

Inspired by Ireland's Natural Wonders

Aside from being inquisitive and a perfectionist, Dr Karreman's love for nature and the beauty of his homeland, Corks, Ireland, inspired him to use only the finest natural ingredients. Moreover, the earthy colours that exist are the perfect motifs for his brand's packaging and overall branding.

Natural, Safe and Of High Quality

Dr K's ethos has always been centred on the use and benefits of natural ingredients in order to produce the finest grooming products for men. The following are noteworthy qualities you can expect from their products:

  • Paraben-free
  • SLA/SLS-free
  • Phthalate-free
  • Petroleum-free
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No animal products (except for beeswax)
  • Ethically tested (no animal testing)
  • Handmade and made from scratch
  • Products are crafted according to strict EU cosmetic parameters
  • Everything is made/assembled in Ireland

The quality of products they have been producing since the founding of the company is essential to the brand's international success. They focus mainly on research which generally requires meticulousness and attention to detail. They do not rely on hype, but instead ensure that their end products will exceed customers' expectations. Indeed, with superb products that delivery great results, there's no need to hype up the brand as the products speak for themselves.

Every guy out there should at least try any of the grooming products by Dr K Soap Company. For those who haven't tried the brand, we recommend their beard tonic if you have a beard, and their shaving soap for those who love a clean shaven face. These products provide the needed moisture especially during the cold winter months - keeping your beard or shaven face smooth and supple.

Been pondering on your old grooming products? Try Dr K's bath/body care, beard and shaving products, and throw in some extras like caps, beardy gifts and men's accessories. And you can get them here at Yakwax together with our FREE UK delivery service!