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Diamond Supply Co

One of the most prominent brands in skateboarding goods and street wear is Diamond Supply Co. Diamond have been providing a variety of products to avid skateboarders and fans since 1998. The company had its humble beginnings in Los Angeles, California and went from 'just another skate brand' in the industry to one of today's most sought-after labels in the skate and streetwear fashion markets. Get the latest skate shoes, apparel, soft and hard goods by Diamond Supply Co. right here at Yakwax! All with FREE UK delivery.

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Diamond Supply Co. started out as a modest company creating skateboard hardware in a one-bedroom apartment in 1998 grew into a full-blown brand that resonates among skateboarding enthusiasts and street style fashionistas alike. Star rappers such as Li'l Wayne, Tony Yayo, Lupe Fiasco and OFWGKTA are known to wear Diamond Supply Co. apparel.

The company has three locations in the U.S. - Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. However, they serve skateboarding fans and practitioners across the globe through numerous stockists and authorised retailers like us here at Yakwax.

Diamond Supply Co., like many skateboard-centric companies, has a roster of over 100 elite skateboarders across the globe including Nyjah Huston, Eric Koston, Sean Malto, Guy Mariano, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, PJ Ladd, Luan Oliveira, Shane O'Neill, Mike Mo Capaldi, Joey Brezinski, Stevie Williams, Christian Hosoi, Manny Santiago, Theotis Beasley, Torey Pudwill and Paul Rodriguez.

From Skateboard Bolts to Skate Wear Fashion, Accessories and Hard Goods

Skateboarder and designer Nicholas Tershay, a.k.a. Nick Diamond, created a skateboard bolt company in San Francisco to furnish the local clientele. In 2000, he moved to L.A. and started building Diamond Supply Co. in the renowned Girl Skateboards distribution house.

Soon after, a full range of hard and soft goods were created, including skateboard bolts and bearings, t-shirts, accessories, hoodies, and many others. The skate and street fashion communities quickly accepted the brand thanks to its visually strong designs and high-quality products not to mention the strikingly powerful logo and brand name which resonates with seriously high end goods.

The "Tiffany" Diamond Nike SB Dunk

In 2005, Nick was asked by Nike Skateboarding to design a signature skateboard shoe. The "Tiffany" Diamond Nike SB Dunk sneakers became one of the most hyped and sought-after trainers in the history of Nike. Fans from across the globe camped out in front of Nike boutique stores for days prior to the release of the Diamond SB Dunk. Even respected publications and collectors have hailed it as one of the all-time greatest Nike SBs.

Some of Diamond Supply Co.'s Collaborations

Like many of today's skate wear and accessories brands, Diamond Supply has collaborated with dozens of artists, musicians, designers and other brands in order to create unique and stylish goods for their avid supporters.

The following are just some of the company's collaborations:

  • Element - Nyjah Huston skateboard deck
  • Huf - 2013 collaboration capsule
  • Puma - Suade Clyde sneakers
  • Nike - SB Dunk ("Tiffany" sneakers)
  • Asics x Ronnie Fieg - sneakers
  • Girl - Mike Carroll 8.0 skateboard deck
  • Travis Scott - capsule collection
  • Kith - capsule collection
  • Rocksmith - apparel
  • Cassie Ventura - men's capsule collection
  • Matix - 'The Sound Progress' headphones
  • Lakai - Griffin pack
  • Ibn Jasper - Chukka sneakers

Diamond Supply Co. Public Skate Plaza

L.A.'s Hazard Park in Boyle Heights is home to the Diamond Supply Co. Public Skate Plaza. It was officially opened in July 24, 2014 for avid skateboarders and fans to enjoy. Skate sessions, anniversaries, and #DIAMONDLIFE picnics are always held at the park which also serves as a community meeting place for skateboarders and their supporters.

The skate plaza came into fruition after The California Endowment was approached by the Street League Foundation in 2013. The latter presented the idea of working together to build healthy and sustainable communities by constructing legal, safe and accessible locations for everyone to skate. Diamond Supply Co. kindly donated matching funds to help turn this dream skate park into reality.

Whether you need awesome skate shoes, apparel such as T-shirts, Hoodies, Casual and formal shirts, sweaters, shorts or hardware, Diamond Supply Co. is the go-to brand for such must-have items. And you can get them here at Yakwax, all with FREE UK delivery!