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Death Lens

Death Lens

In the era of smartphones and the quest for convenient gadgets, Death Lens is one of the latest products that make great additions to digital items especially geared toward action sports. Skateboarding is one of the beneficiaries of such handy innovations since these are smaller items with big features. Easy to use and cost-effective are the main selling points of the Death Lens, so skaters - whether amateur or pro - are using them for capturing and sharing the tricks they're stoked to stomp! Get Death Lens right here at Yakwax together with our rad FREE UK delivery service!

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Skateboarding videos have been around for decades, but shooting the action typically requires a professional videographer who also knows how to skate. Often the hardcore shredding can also be hazardous to the one taking the videos. This risk inspired the name along with the fact a it's known as a super wide angle in skating and purpose of one of today's handiest innovations, the Death Lens.

Indeed, death-defying tricks are difficult and risky to both skater and filmer that hideous slams are common especially in the past decades. Large, handheld video cameras were used to capture these feats, so carrying and controlling such devices were already a challenge on their own. With the introduction of the Death Lens, taking videos of awesome skating tricks is not as difficult and more fun for everyone involved as well as being a whole lot nicer on the wallet than shelling out for a top end camera.

The company behind this innovative lens and its accompanying app is Australia-based PHOKUS Pty. Ltd. Incorporated in 2015, PHOKUS are registered as a private company located in Western Australia. Their team riders are comprised of skateboarders Andrew Reynolds, Beagle, Boo Johnson, Bryan Herman, Chris Joslin, Cyril Jackson, Dane Vaughn,Daniel Lutheran, Dee Ostrander, Don Nguyen, Kevin Roar, Lizard King, Neem Williams, Pat Romney, Thetis Beasley, and snowboarders Chris Bradshaw, Chris Greiner, E Man, Jed Anderson, Joe Sexton, Justin Cronies, Nick Dirks and Scott Stevens.

Mobile Innovation That Transformed the World of Skateboarding

If you have been an avid skateboarding fan, you will notice the difference between videos shot with good old video cams versus smartphones with Death Lens. The digital innovation already in place via smartphone allows the lens and its app to seamlessly integrate and produce crisp and clear imagery. The usual problem with old, non-digital video cameras is the poor quality of images especially when the subject is moving fast in different directions and in poor light.

The following notable features of the Death Lens enable the production of awesome skating images in motion:

  • captures the widest field of view in three styles - 1:1 square frame, 4:3 classic, and 16:9 HD
  • provides simplified and enhanced functions such as:
  • shoot smooth footages
  • with VX filter which saves 4:3 and 16:9 clips with a standard viewfinder look that's Instagram-ready
  • eliminate the shaky vignette whilst recording with your smartphone with the lens case attached
  • high frame rate recording (120FPS for 5S; 240FPS for 6/6S, 6+/6S+ models; and 4k for 6S, 6S+ models)
  • use the Insta Ready feature for saving unedited classic and HD recordings into square frame; this feature also enables you to import recordings
  • mark your favourite clips and batch delete all unwanted recordings/clips in a single action

Get the Official App

In order to fully enjoy the benefits of Death Lens, you will need their official app installed into your smartphone. It can be downloaded via iTunes.

The app is popular for its 'image stabilisation' capability, but it also provides a number of camera settings not available on your smartphone. Its interface is VX1000-inspired, so you will see the record timer, record button, zoom bar, battery indicator and settings dial, among others.

Now who says you and your skating pals are just full of talk?

Catch those filthy tricks your mates stomp while shooting with your smartphone and share them to the world via social media. Death Lens is your cost-effective solution together with the official app. Complete your gear with their telescopic pole to ensure 'no fingers' are captured by the lens and for properly recording those tricks.

The Death Lens and complementing accessories are available here at Yakwax together with our killer FREE UK delivery service!