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Dear Skating

Dear Skating

Dear Skating is a unique skate brand that brings its own kind of skateboarding nostalgia into the 21st Century. Many of today's youngsters may not know the iconic designs and memories of the golden age of skateboarding, so Dear Skating brought back to life the classic aesthetic of the 80's and 90's. From the aged look of their tees to the fun and whimsical graphics of their decks, you will find a piece of skateboarding history when you grab a Dear Skating item - available here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

Dear Skating Skateboard T-Shirts and Apparel - UK Shop

Skateboarding in the 80's and 90's is quite different in the sense that kids during those years would go the 'do it yourself' route - from building their boards to screen-printing their tees, to wearing the same clothing over and over until they fade. Such nostalgic times are brought about today by one of the coolest brands in the industry, Dear Skating.

Dear's concept is unique and primarily based on paying homage to those nostalgic years of skateboarding. The company is located in Los Angeles, California and was founded by skater and artist Chris Lipomi.

Fond Memories of Old, Overly Worn T-shirts

The idea of starting a skate clothing brand was sparked up when Chris visited his dad years ago and they found a box of old shirts which were supposed to be given away. The faded graphics and the wear on the shirts brought nostalgia and fond memories, and left a strong impression on him.

Making new vintage wear is unlike the authentic process and end result. Of course, aging new tees and jeans would require special care and procedure to achieve the vintage look. Dear uses a special ageing wash to achieve that decades-old look to match their iconic graphics, and those old shirts they found in his dad's house.

Dear skateboards division came in next, with the same approach but definitely up to par with today's quality standards.

Instagram and Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Chris has admitted that the company does not have lots of money particularly for marketing purposes. A few friends in LA took some of the Israel shirts, then a bit of mail order followed. The biggest break for Dear Skating was getting distribution in England through Rock Solid Distribution. Wes of Rock Solid saw some of the Dear stuff on Marc Johnson's Instagram account. Marc's followers would also follow Dear Skating whenever they see something new that their idol is wearing.

Although soliciting and talking to retailers were part of the marketing strategy, Chris would often get uncertain responses and orders. It was Instagram through the power of influence and word-of-mouth that the company got the attention they deserve.

No matter what your age, we're sure you'll love the classic designs on Dear Skating tees and boards. They bring back memories of early skateboarding, of the legends and icons of the sport, and of those times you skate vert and street with your buddies.

Make sure to grab a t-shirt or board by Dear Skating to keep those nostalgic feels alive. Available here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!