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Darkroom Inc.

Darkroom is considered as a creative project focused on skate decks, accessories and apparel. This is Don Pendleton’s very own brand that showcases his creativity and unique design. There’s definitely something for everyone when it comes to Darkroom’s products. But most especially, their price point is reasonable enough for all skaters to avail quite stylish and artistically designed skate items and clothing. The union of skateboarding and art is perfected by Don Pendleton, and one way to enjoy them both is when you give yourself one of Darkroom’s skate decks, wheels, griptape, tees or accessories.

Darkroom Skate Decks, Wheels, Apparel and Accessories – UK Shop

Driven by creative prowess and decades of working with only the best skate brands, Don Pendleton’s Darkroom is one of the few skate/artistic brands that truly appeal to a wide range of skaters and non-skaters alike. The artistry alone is one reason to avail any type of product they produce as they truly deliver superb designs. 

The brand was only officially launched in October 2018 after being pushed back twice – in 2006 and 2012. Don is quite a genius and an in-demand artist that he couldn’t push through with the brand earlier. However, after honing more projects and amassing an extensive portfolio, Darkroom finally came into fruition as a real business endeavour. The creative side of the brand is 100% Don Pendleton, while the distribution and majority of the business side are handled by his mates, Mike Sinclair and Kevin Furtado. 

Darkroom Products – a collection of artistic pieces 

Looking at the roster or Darkroom skate decks and accessories, as well as clothing and other wearable items, you will immediately see the unique signature of the artist/founder. There’s more art and design to each item, which is carefully thought of and executed to catch the attention and imagination of the target market. 

The company uses the industry standard materials for skate decks and wheels, and screen-printed t-shirts made of 100% ring spun cotton and tri-blend materials for other styles. They use a variety of materials for other products like socks, caps, hoodies/jackets, gloves and even watches. 

If you’re the type of rider who sticks with a theme or a specific brand, you will find Darkroom apparel and skate products quite appealing and ‘on trend’, but absolutely unique design-wise. Also, if you have followed the works of Don Pendleton with Alien Workshop, Vans and Primitive, you will surely enjoy wearing or using any of his Darkroom creations. 

Make sure to get your own Darkroom skate decks, wheels and apparel to continue to enjoy the works of its renowned founder/artist. All with FREE UK delivery when you order here at Yakwax!