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Cuntry Lane

Cuntry Lane

Guernsey's very own skate brand and our sister company, Cuntry Lane, produces decks, apparel and accessories. The brand is popular among local skaters and is still considered fairly new in the industry. All Cuntry Lane products are distributed by Yakwax and our friend, Sam Falla, designed the graphics on the decks. We're sure you will enjoy Cuntry Lane decks especially the ever-present cow on every graphic design. Shop the latest and coolest decks by Cuntry Lane only here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

Cuntry Lane Skateboard Decks and Apparel

Many skateboard brands came to life because of camaraderie and the sharing of ideas among individual skaters. Sometimes, such groups of skating friends have a knack for coming up with their own creative designs, while other are more into technical stuff such as those who produce trucks and wheel formulas.

Cuntry Lane is no different. Although still a young company, the people behind it are no strangers to skateboarding and retail. We are very lucky to have such crazy, creative and adventurous friends who thought about starting a skate brand here in Guernsey and we are a proud sister company to Cuntry Lane.

Yakwax is the main distributor and seller of Cuntry Lane skate decks, apparel and accessories. Founded in 2012 by a group of local skateboarders, they consider themselves productive, fun-loving skaters. Sam Falla - an illustrator and graphic artist by profession - is one of the brand's skaters and collaborators, and he designed the graphics for three Cuntry Lane decks.

Cuntry Lane Skate Decks

For a few years now, the brand was able to produce decks with interesting, funny and well-made designs that represent the skaters behind the name. With the artistic skill and creativity of Sam Falla, Cuntry Lane decks came to life with tasteful yet funny designs with the ever-present 'sunglass-wearing cow'. Guernsey is known for its cows and their first-rate milk, so this became the inspiration for the 'cow theme' that's predominant on the decks' designs.

  • Butter Merchants - The Cuntry Lane Butter Merchants deck is a black deck with yellow graphic design. It is made of high-quality US maple with medium concave and available in nine sizes.
  • Crunchy Lane - The Crunchy Lane deck is a parody of an iconic 90's cereal box with white, red, black and yellow graphic design on a green deck. When you see it, you will remember one of those cereal boxes you find in most supermarkets.
  • 'Moooo!!' - The very first deck was also a black one with yellow graphics showing the cow smoking and 'Moooo!!' written under the branding. If you will search the net, there's also a light blue version via the designer's artist page.

Yakwax and Cuntry Lane may be a small group of local skaters, retailers and business owners, but we strive to provide the most amazing decks in terms of quality and design. Also, watch out for other skate products in the future - decks, clothing and accessories included.

Shop for Cuntry Lane skateboard decks, apparel and accessories right here at Yakwax and enjoy our FREE UK delivery!