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The 'Most Evil' brand in the skateboard industry is none other than Creature. Very aptly named for their design aesthetic, the brand is not just about the gory goods they offer, but most definitely for providing quality skate products that meet the needs of their core market. Colourful designs and details are expected such as savage monsters, dragons, skeletons, devils, demons and snakes. The most prominent colouring is green and purple which gives the decks and other skate products an sinister vibe. Get Creature skateboard decks, apparel, hardware and accessories right here at Yakwax and enjoy our wicked FREE UK delivery service!

Creature Skateboards UK Shop

Creature Skateboards is known as the 'Most Evil' brand of all skate gear in the market. You can easily see why, but it's more than meets the eye when it comes to the quality of their products.

It is also one of the most resilient brands in the industry since its comeback in the mid 2000's. We have heard of many brands that have come and gone, but Creature was able to rise above and stayed for good after changes in management.

The brand was founded in 1994 under the NHS skate company, by SMA team manager Russ Pope. The early riders were Darren Navarrette ("The Vertical Vampire"), Jason Adams and Barker Barrett. Jason left the brand quite early to assist Russ in starting Scarecrow. However, the brand was shelved in late 1990's, but was revived in mid 2000's with Lee Charron and Darren Navarrette at the helm of the team and creative department.

Their team riders are among the most daring in the industry, with names including Adrian Mallory, Al Partanen, Alex Horn, Chris Russell, David Gravette, Cory Juneau, Jimmy Wilkins, Milton Martinez, Neil Heddings, Ryan Reyes, Scizzors, Sam Hitz, Sean Conover, Silent Mike, Squints, Truman Hooker, Stu Graham, Taylor Bingaman and Willis Kimbel.

Of Monsters, Weirdness and Eerie Green Hues

Perhaps it's a little bit too much or too vulgar for non-skating folks, but the design aesthetic of Creature is definitely unique, edgy and weird. Having monsters, sinister characters and gory scenarios, and the prominence of bright neon green make the products more eye-catching, interesting and eerie.

Creature skate products are for everyone - whether you're an outsider, a misfit, a newbie, a freestyler, or simply a skateboarder who wants cool gear. Their products seem to celebrate the 80's uncanny outsider vibe and attitude towards skateboarding.

Collaborations and Projects

It is not unusual for skate brands like Creature to do projects and collaborations with other brands within the extreme sports industry. They have also joined forces with artists in creating limited edition skate products that feature the works of such individuals.

The following are just some of the brand's collaborative projects:

  • 303 Boards - The Limited Edition 303 x Creature Collaboration Deck featuring the artwork of PartyLord/Bloodcuts; each deck includes green or purple marker for colouring in
  • Catch Surf - The Creature Beater surfboards; available with twin fins and finless model
  • Osiris Shoes - The stylish Black Bingaman VLC skate shoes for people of all genders and ages who love the skater style
  • Lakai - The Pico skate shoes in black suede and canvas for all types of terrain
  • Krux Trucks - 8.25 Black Forged Creature Trucks; ideal for 8.1 to 8.4 decks
  • Barf Comics - Atomic Bummer skate decks; a series of colourful skate decks designed by James Callahan with only 300 pieces for each design
  • BMX - The 2016 SE Creature 24"" Retro Cruiser Complete Bike

For those who love gnarly horrifying art with edgy, cool vibe on their skateboards and clothing, Creature is the right option for you. They have complete skateboards, decks, hardware, accessories and apparel that will complete your collection in no time.

Shop for Creature skate goods here at Yakwax! All orders within the UK include our killer FREE UK delivery service.