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Crailtap is a skate distribution company that houses Girl, Chocolate, Royal Trucks, Fourstar Clothing and Lakai footwear. This Torrance, California based company also has its own line of skate-related products particularly of the novel kind. You will find Crailtap logo mugs, umbrellas, beer koozies, beach towels, t-shirts, grip tape and other fun accessories. Order yours here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

Crailtap Skate Products and Accessories

Founded in 1993, Crailtap is part of Girl Skateboards headed by Rick Howard and Mike Carroll. It soon became the distribution company that houses Girl, Royal Trucks, Lakai footwear, Fourstar clothing and Chocolate skateboards.

The company is known for their series of videos called Crail Couch interviews and exclusive photo/video content featuring both up and coming skaters and all-time favourite icons. Their website receives over half a million visitors each month and it is the online media hub for Crailtap's family of skate brands.

Although the company does not have a specific history written (as far as we know), it is usually mentioned as 'part of the Girl skateboards family'. In essence, Crailtap was formed alongside Girl or within the same year when the latter was founded. Currently, it is the 'umbrella company' that's also run by the same folks at Girl et al.

Must-Watch Crailtap Video Series

The company's YouTube channel is host to hundreds of video series with specific content for each brand and Crailtap's own series namely Mini Top 5's, Pro Picks and Interviews. Skaters and skateboard fans love these series because they all feature professional and upcoming skaters.

Pro Picks videos feature pro skaters who 'pick' their loot at the Crailtap warehouse. Each skater is usually seen with a shopping basket while walking around and looking for the items they like to take away. You will see the various brands and skate products carried by the Crailtap family including skate decks, t-shirts, sweatshirts, trucks, shoes and many others. What's interesting about these videos is how each skater describes the product or why likes his 'picks' at the warehouse.

Mini Top 5's are short video clips also featuring skaters and their top 5 things based on the topic given to them. These are fun clips to watch as we've seen topics like 'manchild' moments, favourite car features, and many others. These clips sort of give a glimpse on the interests of every skater, depending on the topic they are given.

The Crailtap Interviews are more in-depth and interesting as you will find out more about the skaters they feature and what they're up to at the moment. If you love skateboarding and getting to know some of your favourite riders, this is one of the video series to watch on the net.

When you support skate brands like Girl, Chocolate, Lakai, Royal Trucks and Fourstar, you are supporting Crailtap in general. However, the company has its own line of skate products and accessories if you are interested in adding them to your collection. You will find grip tape, tees, mugs, towels, beer koozies and other accessories with the company logo and other designs on them. You can order yours right here at Yakwax with our rad FREE UK delivery!