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Chocolate is one of the most successful skate brands in the industry today. For over 20 years, the brand has provided both the casual and pro skater an array of excellent skate decks, hardware, apparel, accessories, limited edition skate products, and videos to match their lifestyles. Among Chocolate's products, it's their skate decks that stand out among avid fans and pros, thanks to the colourful and artistic designs they have produced over the years. Get the latest Chocolate skateboards, Wheels and related products such as apparel right here at Yakwax together with our killer FREE UK delivery service!

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Chocolate Skateboards is one of the world's most prominent skate brands. It is one of the brands under the Crailtap Distribution Company which is based in Torrance, California and also the company that owns Girl Skateboards.

It was in April 1994 when Chocolate began as a separate skate brand when the founders were approached by their colleagues and other pros since Girl already has an extensive roster of team riders. Although both brands are under one roof, each has a unique identity and style.

Chocolate is renowned for their iconic logo and signature colour scheme. Their skate decks are typically constructed with 7-ply maple, making them extremely durable and ideal for super active skaters.

The brand is not just focused on decks, but they also design and produce other skate products such as wheels, bearings, griptape, apparel and accessories.

The skaters in the company's roster of team riders are among the most prominent in the world including Jerry Hsu, Chris Roberts, Raven Tershy, Vincent Alvarez, Elijah Berle, Justin Eldridge, Chico Brenes, Kenny Anderson, Jesus Fernandez and Stevie Perez.

Collaborations and Projects

Chocolate collabs are probably among the most diverse and talked about in the skate scene. The company have worked with numerous top brands in the industry to come up with some of the most epic skate products in recent memory.

The following are just some of the brands and artists they have collaborated over the years:

  • SUPER - Limited edition 15th Anniversary Sunglasses was a special project for Chocolate's 15th Anniversary and kickoff to the celebration
  • DVS - The "Chicolate" Sneakers, a joint collab with pro skater Chico Brenes
  • Diamond Supply Co. - Skateboards collection complete with a selection of t-shirts, fleece hoodies, raglans, varsity jackets, denim, headwear and button-up shirtsSanrio - Special limited edition skateboards featuring Chococat and Kenny Anderson; the board's top veneer comes in a variety of colours
  • Streetmachine - The "City Series" skateboard deck collection with a range of tees in white, navy, red, black and grey
  • Todd Bratrud - The "Chocolate Girls" skate deck each comes with a t-shirt when ordered online
  • Mizu x Girl - Mizu collaborated with Girl and Chocolate skateboards in producing handy and eco-friendly bottles
  • Poler - The red Kenny board and backpack
  • DQM - The Commemorative Collection for DQM's 10th anniversary and Chocolate's 20th
  • Thrasher x Girl - Special edition decks with the Girl logo caught on fire
  • Lakai - The 20-year commemorative limited edition colourway sneakers which feature the artwork of Evan Hecox
  • Sage Vaughn - Designed a Chocolate RED skateboard for Elijah Berle in conjunction with the World AIDS Day
  • Stance Socks - The 20th anniversary celebration of Chocolate included the release of the Special Edition Stance socks featuring the brand's Chunk logo and Flags
  • Loud Headphones - A charity project where a dollar is donated to Loud's Hear No Evil project for every purchase of the collaborative headphones
  • Nixon Mini Blaster - The special edition Mini Blaster is a 20th anniversary commemorative project
  • Huf - 90's style apparel that celebrate the original Chocolate collection and the life of pro skater Keenan Milton (R.I.P.)
  • Emerica - The Hsu Low Vulc Skate Shoes

Unforgettable Videos

And of course, who can forget about the amazing videos that the brand has produced through the years. Their video collection includes Las Nueve Vidas De Paco (1995); The Chocolate Tour (1999); Se Habla Canuck (2004); Hot Chocolate (2004); A Little Chunk of Chocolate (2006); Hittin' Britain & Oui Will Rock You (2006); Badass Meets Dumbass (2007, promo with Girl Skateboards); Felicità (2008, trailer with Italian artist Bugo); Der Bratwurst Tour Ever (2010), and the epic that is Pretty Sweet (2012).

There are so many reasons to love Chocolate skateboards, apparel and other skate products. So make sure you have the latest items among their collection.

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