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Cheapo is a Sweden-based watch and sunglasses brand that is dedicated to provide affordable, stylish and quality products to everyone, everywhere. Through the years, they have collaborated with musicians, artists and boardsports athletes in creating stylish products that suit everyone's tastes. They are also known for advocating social values and equality, and request anyone who has an issue with race, LGBT, people of different colour and women to not buy their products. Get Cheapo sunglasses and watches right here at Yakwax and receive our superb FREE UK delivery service!

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Looking your best with Cheapo products is easily achievable since their designs are primarily created with the help of artists, musicians and boardsports shredders. There is always something for everyone when it comes to watches and shades, and you don't have to feel guilty if you wish to splurge a little every now and then.

If you love street style with a dash of pop art, music, boardsports and art, Cheapo is one of today's brands which have all of these qualities.

The 'Good People' in the company's roster of ambassadors are as diverse as the masses they cater to. They include (skateboard) Ali Boulala, Jasper Lind, Vladik Scholz, Sarah Meurle, Fernando Bramsmark, Simon Sandström; (ski) Christine Hargin; (snowboard) Caroline Degardh, Zebbe Landmark, Dominik Wagner; (bike) Jocke Olsson, Per Vestman, Anna Lewenhaupt; (skate) Lucy Adams, Mitchel Linger; (music) Finess, The Burglars; and (Cali local) Vanessa Torres.

Made for Everyone, Everywhere

Founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2013 by Viktor Telégin and Johan Graffner, Cheapo have already reached over 20 countries around the globe. However, the brand started out way back in 2005 as a skater-owned streetwear and accessories brand. The founders have always wanted to buy popular streetwear brands but the products are too costly and beyond their budget. They realised that there is a market for such products and being able to provide them to people from all walks of life has become the primary basis for the brand since.

Though Cheapo the brand only came into fruition in 2013, the founders' aim to produce and offer sunglasses and watches to the masses has been achieved. There is no core market when it comes to the brand. Their products are for people who love to be fashionable and believe in the brand's humanitarian and social advocacies.

Advocacy and Charities They Support

Cheapo's very first marketing slogan that resonates through the years is "If you hate homosexuals, people of different colour or women, please do this one favour for us. Don't buy our gear."

The brand is serious about advocating equality and it is, at the very core, what their products are all about. They want people to know where they stand, so it is loud and clear on their website and in many of the founder's interviews. So if you love Cheapo sunglasses and watches, do know that they discourage those who do not agree with what they stand for to purchase any of their products.

Collaborations and charities often go hand in hand at Cheapo. They collaborate with their brand ambassadors and organisations in order to come up with funds for donations.

For those who are wary of the costs of getting watches and shades these days, Cheapo is the brand to look out for. Price is not always the basis for quality, so you can be sure to find their products at par with some of the costly mainstream brands of today.

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