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Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat eye sunglasses have been around since the 1950's and were only worn mostly by women as fashion accessories. But these days, thanks to designers and technology, cat eye frame sunglasses have more mainstream and cooler variations that suit everyone's tastes. Make sure to check our collection of cat eye shades from Carve and Nectar, among many other top brands we stock at All with FREE UK delivery when you order today!

Cat Eye Sunglasses for Men and Women - UK Shop

50's cat eye sunglasses for women have paved the way for the modern and unisex type of these feline shades. It is also considered among the most popular styles of classic eyeglasses for women because they add glamour and grace to their demeanour and wardrobe.

The vintage women's cat eye sunglasses are the epitome of sophistication. No doubt many women felt like Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn while wearing theirs on a sunny day at the park! And it's also hard to imagine these classic beauties without their iconic sunglasses.

The men's cat eye sunglasses do not have the super pointy edges like the women's in the 50's and 60's. Most of the designs today have softer edges and corners similar to the Wayfarer. However, the shape and sophistication are still eminent and reminiscent of the iconic 50's cat eye shades.For the sporty type, the modern-day cateye sunnies are often dual-purpose since these functional shades are still as fashionable as their predecessor.

If you're looking for modern-classic shades, browse our collection of cat eye style sunglasses from top brands Oakley, Carve, Von Zipper and Nectar, among many others. Enjoy our superb FREE UK delivery when you order today at Yakwax!