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Captain Fin Co

Captain Fin Co

Among the most stylish and artistically designed surf products are from Captain Fin Co. Rightfully so, since they work with shapers, artists and professional surfers in the process. Captain Fin Co is a Southern California-based brand specialising in surfboard fins, but they also produce men's apparel, accessories, wetsuits, and limited editions. If you want unique and aesthetically pleasing fins for longboards and shortboards both using Futures or FCS system, this is your go-to brand. Here at Yakwax, we feature the latest Captain Fin Co surf products - from cool fins to accessories and apparel. Shop for yours today and enjoy our killer FREE UK delivery service!

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Captain Fin Co Surfboard Fins and Clothing UK Store

Considered as the pioneer in artistically designed surfboard fins, Captain Fin Co started out in a Southern California garage in 2007. Founded by former pro surfer Mitch Abshere, they have now become a world renowned brand for their aesthetically pleasing fins and their equally awesome collaborative partners in the business.

The brand was way ahead of its time as they take vintage fin shapes and use modern innovations in collaboration with artists, shapers and pro surfers in revolutionising the surf hardgoods niche. They take the same aesthetic principles in creating their clothing apparel line, accessories and collaborative/limited edition products.

Captain Fin Co would not be this successful without the people they work with and draw inspiration from. Their surf team consists of professional surfers who have contributed their own designs and ideas, and continuously promoting the famous artistic fins and apparel. The surf team includes Addy Giddings, Alex Knost, Andy Davis, Benny Bourgeois, Brothers Marshall, Chase Stopnik, Chippa Wilson, Chris Christenson, Creed McTaggert, Dane Peterson, Dane Reynolds, Dion Agius, Dylan Graves, Eli Steele, Ellis Ericson, Herbie Fletcher, Jeff McCallum, JJ Wessels, Joel Tudor, Kassia Meador, Leila Hurst, Lucas Barraza, Mark Choiniere, Mason Dyer, Mitch King, Noa Deane, Russ Pope, Scotty Stopnik, Stinky Steve, Tanner Gudauskas, Tanner Rozunko, Thomas Campbell, Trevor Lucas, Troy Elmore, Turkey Stopnik, Tyler Warren and Wade Goodall.

The brand's artists and partner shapers include (shapers) Chris Christenson, Jeff McCallum, (artists) Andy Davis, Russ Pope and Thomas Campbell.

Overcoming Business Challenges

Despite the challenges of running the business and scaling it over the years, Captain Fin Co continue to achieve success slowly but surely. They have overcome the economic challenges of The States and getting back their fins inventory to be produced in-house (instead of ordering from Futures).

Also, Captain Fin Co is no stranger to hard work. But the founder and his crew also know how to enjoy their work and the fruits of their labour. The brand was awarded by SIMA as Break Out Brand of the Year (2013) and they have now over 200 US-based accounts and numerous distributors in 19 countries.

What Inspired the Founder to Create Captain Fin Co

Mitch Ashbere used to hang-out at a shaper's shop in Carlsbad where he worked as a shop rat. Prior to working at Donald Takayama's shaping shop, he used to ride for him when he was twelve. At the shaping bay, they would talk about fins, fin placement and how they work for a surfboard. Over the years of listening and learning more about fins, Mitch had a good grasp about this part of the board.

Fast forward to the early 2000's, he got boards that didn't work the way he wanted. So, he experimented with different fins and found out what Mr. Takayama was talking about all these years.

During those years, friends would tell Mitch they should make him fins for his boards. He asked them if they could add graphics on them. As a skateboard fan, he loves the graphics on skate decks, so he thought why not do the same for fins. It was just a fun idea for him, but never thought it had a market or if the industry needed something like it.

The name 'Captain Fin' sort of came about with the founder's idea of an anchor as part of the design. Someone asked the humble founder if he is the 'captain of fins' upon seeing the emblem. He hadn't thought of that at all, rather, he just liked the name.

Here at Yakwax we like Captain Fin Co, their products, and everything about the company. It had a humble beginning and a down-to-earth founder who just loves surfing and fins, and his quest to provide the best surf products to customers around the globe.

If you haven't tried their graphically artistic fins, apparel and accessories, now is the right time! You can shop them all here at Yakwax together with our wicked FREE UK delivery service.