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Action Cameras


Ditch your point and shoot camcorder for a real extreme sports camera to capture the rawness of your outdoor adventures. There's nothing like seeing yourself and your skate or surf buddies shredding it on high definition. You can share your adventures by uploading the videos on your social media accounts or do a journal type video blog of your favourite sports. Getthe latest action cameras and accessories right here at Yakwax and enjoy our amazing FREE UK delivery!

Action Cameras

Nothing beats the resolution of high-definition videos created by action cameras. Often referred to as action cams, they are now synonymous with extreme sports and outdoor activities that capture raw events as they happen.

These are not your ordinary point and shoot despite their small size and simplicity. The most prominent name in extreme sports cameras is the GoPro and its iconic Hero cameras are known for their 'box' shape. However, there are plenty of options these days and they come in different styles and capabilities that cater to the most active individuals.

Action sports cameras offer mega wide viewing angles to capture a POV (point of view) experience of skateboard flips and tricks, ski runs, surfing, snowboarding, snorkelling and even your pet's adventures and antics. You can use them hands-free since they can be attached onto helmets, backpacks, belts, harnesses and any other gear you use. They are waterproof, durable, simple and easy to use.

Hate seeing blurred videos of your awesome tricks? It's time to getyour own action camera and accessories that will let you do what you love and produce high-def videos you can be proud of. Get your action camera here at Yakwax! All with FREE UK delivery!