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Camera Poles

Action-packed selfie videos were not always cool especially when you can't see yourself in full view. This is when action camera poles come in and let you star in your own video recording, while doing the activities you love and while you're on the move. Capturing yourself in action is key in creating an awesome selfie video, so better get a video camera pole before your next adventure. Get yours here at Yakwax from renowned brands like Death Lens and GoPro. All with FREE UK delivery!

Poles for Action Cameras

When you get an action camera to capture the awesomeness of your favourite outdoor adventures, isn't it better to star in some of the videos you shoot? Don't be shy and be the star of your next action adventure because this is what your camera is for.

There's always a reason to record your holidays and outdoor activities especially with family and friends. But you need to get into the frame as well, to show that you're among the adventurers. Even if you're the one holding the action cam, there's no reason to be just the cameraman and not one of the stars.

Get an action camera pole and start being visible in video recordings. You deserve to be there. And when you're all alone shredding the streets nonchalantly or riding down the snowy slopes with a friend for instance, you can capture these moments in wide view with a video camera pole in one hand.

Even for a not so adventurous type of activity like doing some tricks with your pets or trying to look goofy with your mom in the kitchen, a telescopic pole for your camera is all you need to capture a video that stars you and whoever is around you.

Get your selfie sticks, poles and other action cam accessories for your next adventure right here at Yakwax. Choose among the popular brands we carry including GoPro and Death Lens - all with FREE UK delivery!