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Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum

Surf wax and wax removers are often citrus or fruity smelling which enhances the experience at the beach. But there's the feeling of nostalgia and being a kid again with Bubble Gum waxes and citrus wax remover while prepping your board at the beach. Bring back the fun in waxing and removing wax with Bubble Gum surf wax, wax remover and kit - available at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery on every order!

Bubble Gum Surf Wax and Wax Remover

Bubble Gum surf wax is known for their fun-smelling waxes that bring back childhood memories. The brand won't be named as such if not for the founders' favourite summertime treat while doing what they love to do outdoors.

Brothers Britt and Grant Gallard invented Bubble Gum wax in the summer of 1984, in a kitchen in Leucadia, California. The whole idea of the brand and its product - mainly the colour, scent and overall appeal - was an instant success. Surfers loved the product immediately after it was introduced in the market and the brothers never stopped creating and finding ways to move their brand forward. Their products are distributed in the USA and worldwide in over ten countries.

Surf Wax Remover and Other Products

Bubble Gum surfboard wax remover is an eco-friendly product that is also considered food-grade and a safer alternative to its chemical-based coutnerparts. To properly use this surf wax, start by scraping as much excess wax as possible before spraying on Bubble Gum surf wax remover. Let it stand for half a minute. Use a clean rag with a small amount of wax remover and wipe dry your board in circular motions. If you need to remove tar and residue on other surfaces, this wax remover will also work well.

Bubble Gum offers a wide variety of surf wax based on water temperatures that surfers typically ride. You can choose from Original Formula base (for all water temperatures) and waxes for warm, tropical and cold waters. The Original Formula surf wax base is for all temperatures; the tropical variant is for waters above 74; warm is for waters 64- 74; the cool variant is for waters 58 - 68; and cold for below 60 water temps.

Rob Machado eco-friendly surf wax - R.O.B. or Rob's Organic Blend is a high-performance environment-friendly surf wax that the pro surfer formulated using renewable ingredients and natural coconut oil fragrance. The packaging is also eco-friendly - from the recycled paper to the soy-based ink and clean wind energy used to generate power for the printing press. A portion of the sales goes to the Rob Machado Foundation which supports a number of environmental and educational organisations. The waxes are available in tropical (72 up), warm (64 - 74), cool (58 - 68) and cold (60 below).

If you want to take the scent of surfing inside your home, the Bubble Gum surf wax candle collection is a great way to do so. To complete your collection, you'll find wax comb, beach towel, board socks and leash, and logo t-shirts and tank tops.

Shop for Bubble Gum surfboard wax remover right here at Yakwax and enjoy our FREE UK delivery when you order.