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Bronze 56K

Bronze 56K

Bronze 56K is one of today's young skate companies that offer hardware and clothing. Their apparel collection and collab products appeal to both skaters and non-skaters. If you plan to get the latest tees, hoodies and logo shirts for skating and other outdoor adventures, Bronze 56K is one option to go for. The same can be said with skate hardware as the brand offers a good selection. Order yours here at Yakwax with our incredible FREE UK delivery!

Bronze 56K Skate Hardware and Clothing

Founded in 2011, Brooklyn-based brand Bronze 56K is considered one of New York's authentic skate brands. Childhood friends Pat Murray and Peter Sidlauskaus initially started a crew of skaters few years prior to Bronze and they were known for producing lo-fi skate videos. Their small band of skate crew was called Stick Up Kids which then became Flipmode.

Peter never liked Flipmode, according to one of his 2016 interviews. Flipmode evolved into Bronze in 2011 which also marked their identity as a skate brand and the founders, Peter and Pat, as co-owners.

On Social Media and Expansion

For the co-owners of Bronze 56K, starting a skate brand was far more difficult than shooting videos along the streets of New York. Not having a lot of cash for a start-up, the guys mentioned that they were a 'fake' company that seemed real, thanks to the internet. They also did not intend to make real products until they saw the demand online. They experimented with photoshop and posted the resulting 'product' on Instagram and kids would say they would buy them.

Bronze 56K's sick video editing definitely helped in pushing the brand towards more audiences and their apparel offerings were a hit to their newfound customers. However, their sold-out 2015 collaboration with Palace was the one that got them on the map. Their collaboration with Huf followed shortly which resulted to a more diverse clientele. Reseller websites also ensued, carrying the Bronze clothing line.

Despite having a wide demographic, the founders would rather not make their products too available through expansion. They would also rather stick with the current number of stores across the globe that sell their products than add more stores or re-sellers to their list.

Notable Collaborations with Other Brands

For a young skate brand, Bronze 56K was able to collaborate with some of the industry's biggest and most popular brands. Typically for bigger brand names, they collaborate to produce limited edition pieces and capsules. Below are three of the most noteworthy Bronze collabs:

Palace - As mentioned earlier, the Palace collaboration helped catapult Bronze 56K onto the radar of global skate fans. This collab involved a series of skate decks, hoodies, crewneck and t-shirts with co-branding and in a variety of colourways. These were sold in-store at Palace London and online.

Huf - The limited edition "Reflective Pack" featured black reflective theme on unstructured snapback cap, track pants and packable anorak that transforms into a hip pack. Reflective and co-branded tees, hoodies and sock were among the available styles as well. A second run of the Reflective Pack featured reflective 3M detailing on similar apparel and accessories.

Reebok - The 90's style Club C trainers were originally designed for tennis. This collab brought back the trainers in skate sneaker style in simple, premium white leather. To stick with the skate theme, proper terry cloth on the ankles in navy blue were added for comfort and sweat protection, and for clean design. Other cool features include oversized tongue tags, lime green outsoles, branded heel stamps and custom drawstring bag.

Bronze 56K truly has a lot to offer the skate industry with their cool and stylish apparel down to the much-needed hardware. If you haven't tried any of their skate items, today is the best time to grab one for yourself. You can order right here at Yakwax with our FREE UK delivery!