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Bro Style

Bro Style

Bro Style is a skateboard griptape, soft goods and apparel brand created by pro skaters for skaters and casual fans alike. Known for their 'thumbs up' logo design on their products and the seemingly goofy theme that's apparent on many of their items. Like the skaters who founded the brand, Bro Style is about not taking things too seriously, but enjoying and having fun whilst skating with your friends. Get the latest products from Bro Style right here at Yakwax together with our killer FREE UK delivery service!

Bro Style Skate Goods - UK Store

Launched as a griptape brand in 2012, Bro Style is a fairly new company in the skateboarding industry. The brand was founded by Leo Romero and his mate Griffin Collins, and they now offer other skate products such as wax, apparel, soft goods and hardware. Their primary philosophy is to never take things too seriously while enjoying the sport you love in the company of your best buds.

More Than Just a Brand, It's a Way of Life

There is always a predominant theme going on among skateboard brands especially the ones founded by skaters, and that is the brand usually emulates their way of life. Bro Style is not a stranger to the challenges of the sport, but they do appreciate and value the camaraderie of brotherhood among skaters. Even if you ask the founders themselves, they will tell you that the brand is more than just style and fashion, but the feeling of being with your friends on a trip or while ripping the streets.

It All Started Around a Campfire

Bro Style may be a little different when it comes to their history, but Romero and his mates surely had an idea. They thought of doing trips with their friends that ride for various skate companies. The idea of a griptape brand was the beginning and they went about it while in a drunken state around a campfire at Daniel Lutheran's family residence in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The founders even thought that a company was a ridiculous idea and that using the 'thumbs up' as their logo was more of like a joke. But years have passed and their small griptape company have grown into a global brand that offers other skateboarding essentials like clothing and hard goods.

Their team of riders also grew from just their closest skater friends to including some of today's most popular riders like Heath Kirchart, Johnny Layton, Cilbert Crockett, Chima Ferguson, Collin, Provost, Dakota Servold, Ed Templeton, James Hardy, Josh Harmony, Chad Tim Tim, Diego Bucchieri, Brandon Westgate, Daniel Lutheran, Andrew Lutheran, Fritz Mead, Matt Bennett, Josh Borden, David Reyes, Donovon Piscopo, John Fitzgerald, Taylor Smith, Trevor Colden and Ryan Spencer.

Noteworthy Collabs

  • Bro Style x Penny Limited Edition Skateboards - This is an updated 27"" Nickel board which was intended only for USA skaters. It has the signature 'thumbs up' graphics on the deck, Bro Style griptape, and collaborative bright yellow wheels.
  • Toy Machine Bromero Griptape - This collaborative griptape is 9"" x 33"" and fits most skate decks. The high-quality, medium grit griptape has a detailed 'thumb' printed graphic.
  • Emerica x Bro Style Romero Laced Skate Shoes - Offered in two colourways (blue/white and printed light grey/white), this collaborative shoe features the Bro Style logo and woven patch at the tongue. It has a low-profile design, full length EVA midsole, elastic centering straps at the tongue, and gum rubber outsole.

If you've been meaning to get new skate hardware, accessories and apparel for your wardrobe, Bro Style is one of today's brands to look for. Get their latest range from us here at Yakwax and receive our superb FREE UK delivery service!