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Boys Chino Shorts

Boys' Chino Shorts

In the past, kids' chino shorts were only available in khaki. Recently, coloured chino shorts for boys and adults have been introduced in the market. Teenage boys and even the younger ones now enjoy a variety of colours from bright hues to more subtle shades of these fashionable shorts for spring and summer seasons. If you love branded boys' chino shorts, DC and Volcom are among the top brands to choose from. You can get them here at Yakwax together with our superb FREE UK delivery service!

Chino Shorts For Boys That love Surf and Skateboard Fashion Clothing

Since the 'shorts trend' started, chino shorts have gained attention from people who are looking for ideal shorts for the hot summer months. Chino shorts for boys have a trend of their own particularly for skateboarders and street wear fanatics the world over. They find these casual bottoms more versatile and fashionable than denim shorts since they can be worn both for skateboarding and informal family gatherings.

The usual length that boys prefer are just above the knee. Chino shorts for boys are the perfect length and fit, with the occasional stretchy versions that are ideal for skaters and sporty lads. These shorts are often made with a variety of fabric blends such as elastane, polyester, cotton and twill.

Ways To Wear Boys Chino Shorts

Generally, chino shorts and tops are great non-formal boys' clothing for various occasions - it can be a short trip with friends, simple family gathering or light outdoor activities. They pair well with all types of casual top such as boys' tees, polo shirts, henleys and tank tops.

When choosing the right pair of kids' chino shorts, always go for fit and avoid excess fabric. Likewise, think of your kid's existing tops that could match his shorts, then pick the colour wisely or simply go all out and choose his favourite hues for a loud expressive result.

Shop the coolest chino shorts for boys from top brands we carry such as DC, Hurley, Vans and Volcom, among many others. All with FREE UK delivery when you order today at Yakwax!