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Body Glove

Body Glove Wetsuits

With over 60 years in existence, US-based brand Body Glove is a constant force to reckon with in the wetsuit/surf wear industry. The suits they produce live up to the brand name since the first practical wetsuit the founders, Bill and Bob Meistrell, have designed. Inspired by all things water with a mix of innovation and passion for what they do, the company offers other sports and active wear, gear, apparel and footwear as well. So, if you need a wetsuit that truly live up to its name, Body Glove is one of the world’s iconic brands to go for!

Body Glove Innovative Wetsuits and Active Wear

For over six decades, Body Glove has always focused on innovation and function when it comes to their wetsuits. The founders, twin brothers Bill and Bob Meistrell, designed the very first ‘practical wetsuit’ in 1953 – making them among the pioneers in the wetsuit/water sports apparel industry. 

The Meistrell twins first named their own brand of wetsuit Dive N’ Surf Thermocline (derived from the name of their sports shop in California). However, they think the name wasn’t great enough, so they hired Duke Boyd (marketing consultant) to help them come up with an ideal name for the wetsuit. The name Body Glove was what they’ve come up with after discussing about the characteristics of the suits. 

There’s a Body Glove for everyone

Many surfers prefer Body Glove especially for cold/winter shredding and for the lightweight and stretchy features of most of their active wear. For the non-surfing individuals, there are rash vests for men and women that are available in various colours and sleeve length. What you can expect from these products are the quality materials and construction that attribute to their overall design and function.

Since the brand’s inception, they have been revolutionising wetsuits for all ages and they are the most popular among the target market. What makes Body Glove wetsuits stand out is they allow water sports practitioners to stay agile and perform comfortably even in cold waters. Thanks to high-quality neoprene and the use of flatlock seam construction, the company continues to produce wetsuits and other neoprene-based water wear of various thicknesses, styles, colours and sizes.

Marquee Brands acquired Body Glove in 2016

While the Meistrell family still owns 25% of the company, the rest is now owned by Marquee Brands. It is their ‘first acquisition in the active and outdoor sector’ and they aim at further building the brand internationally and within the US.

The legacy of the Meistrell brothers will continue with the design and production of Body Glove water sports and active wear in the 21st Century and onward. So, make sure you have the latest suit, swim wear and/or water sports accessories from Body Glove before you head out for a shred. All with FREE UK delivery at Yakwax!