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Board Bog

Board Bog

Board Bog is an easy to use ding repair product that can temporarily or permanently fix any type of board - from surfboard to kite board, to sail board, SUP and others bot Epoxy and PU. It is specially formulated which prevents it from completely hardening, you can remove it if you require a professional fix. Carrying a 20-gram pack of Board Bog especially on surf trips is an ideal way of having available repair kit in hand because you'll never know when a nasty ding will strike and you could be in the middle of nowhere with pumping waves when it does. Grab your supply of Board Bog here at Yakwax and enjoy our superb FREE UK delivery!

Board Bog Ding Repair & Fixing Products - UK Store

A surfer's lifestyle is more than just having fun in riding the waves since it also includes the usual routine of maintaining his gear in excellent shape. Even the young groms are taught early on to care for their boards and accessories so they can carry this practice as they get older. One of the essential items you can find inside their gear bag is a repair kit for much-needed quick fixes especially when they are at they're traveling to their favourite surfing spots.

One of today's quick fix products in the market is Board Bog. This 20-gram putty is one product you should never go without especially when travelling to remote surfing destinations.

Board Bog is just one of the specialised products under Bog Industries, a Gold Coast, Australia company specialising in leak repair products for recreational watersports, marine and hardware industries.

The company was founded in 2009 by an accountant and a tradesman who both dreamed of working for themselves without a boss, while enjoying a laidback and surf-filled lifestyle. They started out in a small garage and never looked back. Today, Board Bog is an expanding international brand that delivers quality leak repair products to the world.

What Are the Characteristics of Board Bog Ding Repair Product?

First and foremost, a bog is similar to putty in terms of texture and consistency; and comparatively, it is close to modelling clay. What's good about Board Bog is that it is made of carefully formulated ingredients that are non-toxic and non-flammable. The company follows a patented formula and production process using a variety of natural compounds.

When it's time to repair a ding on your board, there's no need to mix and cure the product. You simply knead the product until it is pliable, and then apply onto the damaged area. Smoothen it using your finger and once you're satisfied, you can get back into the water right away.

Board Bog ding repair product is a fast and easy fix for epoxy and polyester boards (such as surfboards, kite boards, sail boards, SUPs and wakeboards). It is formulated to seal dings and can be left for a long time as it never leaks or comes off unless intentionally removed.

For best results, make sure to wipe dry the surface requiring a bog fix. This allows the product to properly stick onto the board. But don't worry if the product doesn't harden like cement, since it is a unique property which allows you to remove it if you wish to have a professional fix.

If you want your board to be repaired, you can simply pull off the product. Though it is a very sticky substance, it leaves very minimal residue.

For travelling surfers, Board Bog is safe to take with you on any trip. You can choose either cool or warm bog formulas, depending on the waters you surf in. It is also quite handy, very reasonably priced and definitely gets the job done in minutes.

Don't go on a surf trip without a quick fix in your gear bag. Get your Board Bog quick ding repair right here at Yakwax! All with our killer FREE UK delivery service.