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Big Wave Surf Leashes

Big Wave Surf Leashes

Surfboarding is more about riding with waves and controlling your board. Definitely, you can't control the waves but you do have a choice of what waves to shred. Is it the big one or the small one? Well, it's up you! If you prefer to ride the big waves, you will need a big wave leash to keep your board close by and ding-free after wipe-outs. Shop for FCS big wave leashes and other surfboard gear here at Yakwax and enjoy our superb FREE UK delivery!

Big Wave Surfboard Leashes - UK Store

For pros and advanced surfers, the excitement and satisfaction of surfboarding can only be achieved by shredding the bigger waves. When opportunity strikes, it's best to have a big wave leash on-hand to ensure proper control of your board.

Big wave leashes are designed to handle bigger waves and to provide reliability and performance for surfers. Essentially, when you get a leash for your surfboard it should be at least a foot longer for safety and strategic purposes. Take note of the following benefits of using a big wave surfboard leash:

  • To avoid losing your board.
  • To avoid smashing your board or worse smash someone else.
  • To keep you safe. You fall sometimes even if you're good at surfing.

It's a must if you're riding powerful medium to large waves.
It is only fitting to invest in quality, well-constructed big wave surfing leashes from renowned brands like FCS and others. Get them right here at Yakwax and enjoy our incredible FREE UK delivery!