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BIC Sport is a French company that designs and manufactures equipment and accessories for watersports such as surfing, SUP, windsurfing and kayaking. BIC surfing in particular have been providing excellent surfboards and accessories for over three decades. They work only with tenured expert shapers in the industry in order to create boards that will suit all types of surfers - from beginner to pro. Don't be surprised to find an extensive selection of boards that support the progressive nature of surfing. Get BIC surfboards and accessories right here at Yakwax! Everything comes with our killer FREE UK delivery service.

Bic Surfboards and Watersports Accessories - UK Store

BIC surfboards and accessories are among the world's popular products for watersports enthusiasts. They have been around for more than three decades providing constantly evolving and innovative products that suit the needs of all levels of surfers.

Among the selling points of BIC surfboards is the ease of riding them. Just imagine if you're just learning to surf and always borrowing a board from an expert rider, and you always fail miserably at riding the waves each and every time. It will be easier for you to learn as a beginner if you have an appropriate board in hand.

Another selling point is their affordability since a typical bespoke board ordered from a tenured shaper usually costs higher than a mass produced one. BIC uses prototypes of their expert shapers as blueprints in designing and manufacturing their surfboards according to specific styles and ranges.

The company's endeavours have been rewarded as well. In 2013 they received the Brand of the Year award by Eurosima, and the Ecoride Gold award from the Surf Manufacturers Trade Association was given to them in 2015 for their environmental dedication in design and manufacturing.

BIC's surfing team are from around the globe and it includes Gérard Dabbadie, Peter Pan, Cedric Giscos, Matt Hite and Suzanne Vermeer.

Creating More Flexible Models for All Levels of Surfers

Some traditionalists in the world of surfing may not always agree on the concept of working with the most prominent shapers in mass producing original design surfboards. But this enabled BIC to produce more flexible models that have wider appeal particularly to the end user. Think of the custom type boards that expert surfers often use, but the availability and affordability of commercial surfboards rolled into one.

One of the company's expert shapers is Gérard Dabbadie. He believes in the idea of producing original designs and creating copies of them in order for the end consumer to enjoy. Their industrialised approach is essential to produce high quantities without sacrificing the quality.

All of the boards are designed and produced in BIC's Vannes, Brittany production facility in France.

Appropriate Surfboards to Match Varying Skill Levels

Apart from the marketability of BIC surfboards, ultimately, it is for the end user's benefit that specific ranges were developed by the company.

The following are the ranges of surfboards they currently offer:

  • All Around - The All Around series are BIC's most durable construction available in their current collection. These boards are easy and fun to surf, and built for long-lasting usage. They are available complete with FCS fins and premium traction pads.
  • Performer - The Performer series boards are an excellent mix of performance, durability and lightweight, and they have proven longboard shapes. They are 30% stronger than conventional boards and available complete with FCS fins.
  • Earth - If you want to own a vintage-shaped board designed by G√©rard Dabbadie, the Earth series is the perfect option. These are premium varnish-free boards with matte finish and woodcore fins. They are made of natural Paulownia wood and Flax fibre.
  • Superfrog - The Superfrog is a no nonsense series of boards with emphasis on performance. These boards are reinforced with lamination for long-lasting durability and available complete with FCS fins. They may be high performing, but Superfrogs also come in fun-focused shapes.
  • Paint - This range is also known as the Start series. These boards have fun shapes, soft decks and fins, with eye-catching colours. They are ideal for shredding or learning how to surf in small waves.
  • School - Also known as Back to School series, these surfboards are ideal for surf clubs and schools. They are durable and made of full soft construction (from deck and bottom, to rails and fins). The shapes are proven for beginner surfers.

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