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Keeping it simple and wholesome is what Baker Skateboards are all about. Founded by an iconic pro skater, the brand focuses mainly on the exhilaration of skating and hanging out with friends. It is also about positive vibes brought about by the camaraderie of both pros and up and coming riders. Baker is renowned all over the world for their 7-ply maple decks, as well as the cool graphics on their clothing range and skateboard accessories. Get the latest from Baker Skateboards decks, accessories and apparel right here at Yakwax together with our killer FREE UK delivery service!

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One of the most prominent brands in the skateboarding community is Baker Skateboards - an American company founded in 1999 by no less than the legendary pro skater Andrew Reynolds and artist Jay Strickland. As a company, it was an amalgamation of ideas by Reynolds and his business partners who also skated for other companies in the past.

The brand was previously distributed by Blitz Distribution, a company owned by skate icon Tony Hawk and Per Welinder. In 2008, the brand became the top seller under Blitz.

In 2011, Bakerboys officially managed the distribution of Baker Skateboards together with other skate brands such as Shake Junt, Palace Skateboards, Deathwish Skateboards and Death Lens, among others. Bakerboys Distribution was established in 2007 by Reynolds and his fellow pro skaters Erik Ellington and Jim Greco.

Baker skateboards have become staples in numerous skate shops around the globe and online. Their decks are built using 7-ply maple that can withstand even the most hardcore skater and harshest terrain. The brand offers hardware and accessories to complete your skating gear, as well as an exciting range of clothing to match your day to day activity.

Basically, their design aesthetic is simplistic, no nonsense, but graphically cool. You will find lots of block colours with contrasting logo and graphics such as skulls, skeletons, dogs and plenty of originally designed artworks.

Over the years, Baker Skateboards have sponsored and worked with skaters who have made a name for themselves and became pros. The brand's team riders include Dustin Dollin, Cyril Jackson, Terry Kennedy, Dee Ostrander, Bryan Herman, Justin "Figgie" Figueroa, Sammy Baca, Theotis Beasley, Kader Sylla, Don "Nuge" Nguyen, Riley Hawk, Tristan "T-funk" Funkhouser, Kevin "Spanky" Long and Rowan Zorilla.

Video Productions

Even before Baker fully established as a brand, they have produced the very first video entitled Baker Bootleg in 1998. From 2000 to 2016, their video productions include Baker 2G, Summer Tour 2001, Baker 3, Baker Has a Deathwish, Baker Has a Deathwish Summer Tour Video, Bake and Destroy, The Deathwish Video, TRAVELOGUE Baker Tour, and Baker Presents ""Certi-Fried Pro Rowan Zorilla"".

In March 2013, Tony Hawk's The RIDE Channel announced a new series entitled "Baker Zone". It commenced in March 18 of the same year and featured videos produced by the company such as Piled Out, Weekend Warriors, Dumb Ass Park Footy and Trash Compactor.

Collaborative Projects

Like many other skate brands, Baker have partnered with other brands and companies to come up with the most exciting projects.

  • Scion - The California Road Trip video involved a Scion iA and iM in which the team riders used on their journey from Buttonwillow Raceway in California.
  • Volcom - The Limited Edition Volcom Stone Age range with Dustin Dollin feature t-shirts, denim, belts, button-up shirts, and slippers.
  • Emerica - The Emerica Laced Thrasher x Baker Limited Edition shoes and Justin Figueroa's collab skate board are the most recent projects of the two brands.
  • Lakai - This collaboration involved Riley Hawk's specific design input for this colourway shoes.
  • DC Shoes - This collab commemorated the introduction of Cyril Jackson to DC's team through the creation of the Men's Council Baker S Shoes.
  • Birdhouse - Baker's Don Nguyen and Birdhouse's Clint Walker teamed up for a collaborative board which helped the Moore, Oklahoma Tornado Relief Fund. All profits were donated to the Red Cross to help the victims.
  • Altamont - There are two notable collab projects exclusively designed for the two skate giants namely the signature pro model design t-shirts for Andrew Reynolds and Brian Herman. Each has screen printed graphics on the chest and back areas.

Baker Skateboards is a brand that's full of positivity with a laidback attitude. If you appreciate the same qualities when it comes to skate products and clothing, this is the brand that matches your style and demeanour.

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