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Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator and Pilot Sunglasses

There are many reasons why we all love aviator style sunglasses. One is their aesthetic power that makes the wearer look like a rock star. But more importantly, aviator sunglasses were made to fully protect the eyes since each lens is built thrice the size of the eye socket. Whether you aspire to be like your rock idol or you simply want eye protection with a cool factor, our collection of /aviation sunglasses will fit your needs. Check out the top brands we carry such as Carve, Electric, Nectar, Oakley and Von Zipper among many others. Enjoy FREE UK delivery when you shop today at Yakwax.

Metal and Plastic Aviator and Pilot Style Sunglasses - UK Shop

The legendary aviator shades were created in the 1930's and designed mainly for World War II pilots. They needed proper eye protection from the sunlight and glare, whilst providing better vision amid the debris and smoke from the war zones.

Fast forward to the late 80's when superstars Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer sport the iconic shades in the movie Top Gun. The sales in aviator's sunglasses skyrocketed and stayed on mainstream and celebrity fashion since.

The aviator's shades have also captured the sports world. Many famous athletes have worn them for protection from sunlight, but also as accessories and part of their outdoor getup. Many skiers have shown their love for the aviator sunglass and it truly fits their sport and winter attire altogether.

Perhaps it is the effortless way to look cool that makes aviator sunglasses relentlessly popular even today. A simple getup of t-shirt and jeans immediately looks cool when matched with aviator designer sunglasses.

So whether you're into sports like surfing, skating or snowboarding, or you wish to be the Top Gun heartthrob of the 21st century with a street wear edge, there are men's aviators sunglasses that will suit you. Browse our shop for aviator shades from top brands like Carve, Electric, Nectar, Oakley and Von Zipper. Get FREE UK delivery when you shop today at Yakwax!