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Autoban is a long-time brand in the skate industry producing top of the line urethane wheels. The company uses and continuously develops new formulas and wheel shapes to ensure high standards and function are met. Choose from three Autobahn wheel shapes available - standard, torus and slim - all made with high-performance urethane for fast shredding and top-notch performance. You can order right here at Yakwax with FREE UK delivery!

Autobahn Skateboard Wheels & Clothing Online UK Store

Autobahn was founded by Jason Rogers and Dough Johnson in 2001 with backing from Osiris. The brand was named after the German speed-limitless freeways. Their wheel designs are focused on peak performance with the aim to create a more controlled shredding experience.

When you're searching for skate wheels to update your riding style, Autobahn offers four major wheel types such as the Pro Series, Solid, Special Build and All-Road wheels. To complete the shift to Autobahn, you may find their accessories and apparel quite distinct and as colourful as their wheels.

These days, you might encounter or share the streets and parks shredding with some of the Autobahn team riders like Mark Appleyard, Chico Brenes, Joey Brezinski, Daniel Espinoza, Jordan Trahan, Carlos Ribeiro, Chris Roberts, Oscar Meza, Miika Adamov, Adrian Adrid, Gawin Nolan and Asher Bradshaw. The company's international/works team include Enrique Lorenzo, Sam Partaix, Ryo Sejiri, Norman Woods, Kevin Phelps, Chris and Nick Noel, Peter McClelland, Hirotoshi "Buchi" Kawabuchi and Julian Restrepo.

Wheel Shapes

Autobahn offers three major wheel shapes; each with specific characteristics and features to suit specific skaters or skating styles.

  1. Standard - an all-around skate wheel shape for all types of terrain and any type of skater; symmetrical wheels with 14.5mm tread width and 30mm overall width
  2. Torus - fuller, dual-conical wheel for skaters who favour a bit wider stance with larger and grippier contact area; symmetrical with 16mm tread width and 31mm overall width
  3. Slim - preferred for technical skating due to reduced overall weight; this thin wheel shape is sidewall designed to enable skaters to latch into long ledges; symmetrical with 14.5mm tread width and 27mm overall width

Wheel formulas

There are four Autobahn wheel formulas with distinct features:

  • Ultra - highest class urethane formula combined with exclusive FlatOut compound offers the fastest and longest lasting ride; lets you slide longer and roll fast without flatspot; available on select team models and pro series wheels
  • Ab-S - entry level formula with affordable price; provides high roll speed, durable and enables you to break into a slide a bit easier
  • All-Road - high-rebound formulation which enables you to bounce on anything as you shred; ideal for filmer boards to cruisers; all-road formula is designed for 'fun' shredding
  • S/L SlideLine - sort of an in-between soft and hard wheel; possible to slide with even on 80A duro; allows you to bounce on everything as you speed up

When it's time to upgrade your shredding to the next level, consider Autobahn high-quality urethane wheels. You'll have more options based on your improved shredding skills and goals. Don't forget to include a bit of extras like a t-shirt, cap and/or accessories.

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